Should I "stick" with the Stick?


I recently bought myself a Madcatz fightstick, and I am having trouble adjusting to it. I Formerly played all of my fighting games with an Xbox 360 pad, and I was pretty good. It fells like I have to re-learn the games somewhat. Most of my concern is the joystick. I end up getting bodied online because I get confused or the inputs come out incorrectly. Don’t get me wrong, I love the stick, its very fun playing on, but is this a sign I should just go back to pad? Or should I just put the time in to convert?


It’s up to you on which you feel more comfortable using.

If you want to get good on a stick…you have to put in the time to re-learn the fighting games you play using an arcade stick this time.


It’s like learning a new instrument, you can’t expect to be good on the first try. Learning to use a stick is going to be way more beneficial for you in the long run, I think people look like dumbies coming to arcades saying “Yeah I would have beat you if this was on a console.” < That just sounds ignorant to me.


not to defend pad players, but that could easily be spun around to say “I would have beat you at the arcade” if the persons in this hypothetical situation were playing console. With the lack of arcades most games don’t have a definitive arcade version like the past so this situation doesn’t make either party really ignorant.

to OP:

I feel like the most beneficial part of learning stick is it makes you play the game more, which builds up game knowledge/dexterity, with the added bonus of giving you another option to play. In 2014 honestly, which ever one you choose should be up to preference… Just keep playing!


i still find myself fumbling with my stick. Any links I can check out for some good beginner/advanced tips and what I should know, need to know, and all that jazz?


I’ve always used the X360 analog. There is a PS3 controller that was designed after the X360 also called the PS3 elite controller. The arcade stick adds a little more challenge and nostalgia, your choice to keep using it or not.


How long have you used a pad for playing games, not just fighting games. Probably years right? Ofcourse it is going to be difficult transitioning, especially if you were already good with your excecution on a controller. I switched to an arcade stick when i was still shit at excecution on a controller so i hardly got worse by transitioning to stick. Anyway learning a stick is not something that is learned in a few days, it is a process that will take time. Hitting buttons is ALOT easier on a stick, hitting any combination of buttons is a no brainer, complex motions are alot more controlled once you get the hang of it.

My personal enjoyment for FG’s increased alot once i used a stick because i didn’t have to fight my controller anymore before trying to learn the most basic things.
The thing is you have to make a conscious descision to fully transition to a stick. DOn’t be like those players who stops trying to learn a stick because they are worse than they were on a pad, that is just weaksauce. Give it a honest try, as in a few months without ever using a pad.


Thanks for the help guys. I’ll just put my time in to re-learn my games and adjust to the stick.


honestly learn the stick but keep playing on pad as well. If you ever get married your sleeping wife will enjoy when you play pad at night.


I’d give the stick a fair shake first; once you get used to it, you may never look back.


I’ve been out of the fighting scene for over 10 years, now just getting back…any stick I use feels weird.


I switched from pad (played it for a little over 6 years) to a stick about two months ago. It was difficult at first, but after a while I appreciated the feeling of control. Things like kara throws or plinks got much easier to use in an actual fight. Also (though this doesn’t apply to everyone, of course), playing charge characters on a pad caused some strain to my thumb. The stick eliminates that issue.

Buying a good stick helped me a lot - not only was it working very well, I felt I’ve spent too much cash to give up. Just keep practicing if you find it fun, it’s not always about winning. If you are having fun, then keep up.


I played stick all the time when I was younger, but didn’t really know strategy or about things like triangle jumps, plinking, piano key, etc. Still kinda learning all that shit. I still suck with stick, but I really do wanna stick with it (pun not intended)