Should I stop playing Ibuki?

This was sent to me over GFWL a bit ago…

“Someone’s an unsociable downhearted fiend who needs to obviously get a life, learn to not Neckbreaker a person to death, and get some skill, then come fight me again when you learn how to combo. Deal? Deal. Now get on my blocked list bro.”

This kid (Cody) got bodied, hard, by my Ibuki and felt the need to rage out at me. This is definitely not the first. Once I get someone in my Vortex, they’re done-zo.

I receive messages like this after 2/5 of my wins, and even some of my losses. Should I just play a less hated character?

Assuming you didn’t land a random Neckbreaker to start off your vortex, I see nothing wrong. This guy clearly needs to suck it up.

Honestly, I wish I got MORE messages like that. ^^

Pics/vids or it didn’t happen.

You should definitely stop playing Ibuki, its a very cheap character. Pick Seth instead.

Join the club:

Or Cammy. Pretty impressive that u get messages like that 40% of the time though.

ibuki is not cheap at all…anyone over 2k pp generally can block your vortex and even with people lower its just knowing wether or not shes gona cross you up with the kunai or not on wake up and if she isnt using ultra one which you should ALWAYS pick if your a vortex ibuki then you really dont have alot to worry about. ibuki get everything from her lows an low hits on her special moves, just be patient and wait for a mistake^^. idk why i explained this considering IM a vortex ibuki, guess its just for peps info. vortex characters are strong but ibuki is the weakest vortex character in the game, cammys vortex is way stronger lol.

in terms of vortex, i would say that ibuki has the strongest. she has the most options on vortex, and also delivers a ton of damage without bar. where she lacks is her defense, which is why both akuma and cammy are better overall characters. cammy is a better ibuki, to be honest, but she doesnt have a “stronger” vortex.

the answer to the topic title is always yes

You should just ignore kids like this. He’s obviously bad if he can’t get out of vortex or find a way to block/stop it.

Ibuki’s vortex isn’t that bad for one. Once you actually block it, you’re right back in the neutral game, which in most character’s cases are the advantage in their favor. Akuma and Cammy have a much worse vortex, and he must not be that good period if he got beat that badly by her vortex. I suggest you bask in the salt, and reassure yourself you’ve played an awesome game, because you most likely did. Just to ask can you upload the footage?

What actually makes her vortex “fair” is that Ibuki’s pressure game is nowhere near as good as Akuma’s or Cammy’s.

You block Ibuki’s vortex: You’re under her pressure with a relatively small range throw, normals without a big frame advantage, slow overhead designed to catch autopilot throws, a bad backwards walk speed making it harder to actually make stuff whiff.

You block Cammy’s vortex: you have to block numerous positive normals, + cammy’s fast walkspeed, and you’re alwayr at risk for a dive kick blowing up all of your tech attempts + a backthrow to unblockable
You block Akuma’s vortex: you have to deal with a character able to whiff punish anything you press by walking backwards at almost any range, also he has a pretty good kara throw.

When you block Ibuki’s vortex, you have to deal with a pressur whivh of course can be scary, but is not as crazy as Akuma/Cammy.

Ibuki has a good kara throw too. Just not as easy to apply since you have to be neutral (or crouching, I suppose).

Yeah that’s why I don’t think it’s that good: since you have to go neutral to kara throw, you lose the extra bit of pixels you’d gain if you were still walking forward - kara.
But yeah long story short Ibuki’s pressure is imo not that scary, which make her “fair” as a vortex character

If you were going to tick kara throw (and you should; Ibuki is not meant to walk back and forth into kara throw like Akuma or Gen can), then the difference is negligible.

Yeah that’s pretty much the difference, tick throw is fine, walk back and forth is a no-go :frowning: