Should I stop using Turbo for Blanka's electricity?



It’s so convenient! I have no problem piano’ing for other characters(Gen, Honda) but for some reason I have trouble comboing into Blanka’s electricity.
What am I sacrificing by using turbo? It’s easy for online play but I feel as though better players would be able to punish me easily since I’m constantly stuck doing it for seconds at a time. Just a scrubby Blanka player looking for advice and trying to get better :slight_smile:

Oh and is there anyway to combo into Ultra 1?


Do whatever that makes you feel like you are having fun… But if you plan to play in tournaments and be competitive obviously you should learn.

If you check the frame data anything that gives you+4 on hit means it’s possible to link to ultra 1


Hallo Everyone.
I have been a long time reader, but since I saw the post of this guy, I decided to creat an account and write something.
My Blanka is “A+” and I never was able to piano, but I have never used turbo - I find pianoing somehow unconfortable for me to do it.
As far as I know, the basic to get Electricity or, for example Chun-Li legs, or E-Hondas hands, all you have to do is press the same button or a combination of buttons at least 5 times, like “lp+lp+lp+lp+lp”, or “lk+lk+lk+lk+lk” (Chun-Li’s).
So, if you can’t piano or have trouble doing it, instead of using turbo, all you have to do is press LP button 5 times for Electricity, 4 times + MP, for medium Electricity and lp+lp+lp+lp+hp for HP Electricity.
Simple like that.
Of course, many people will still say you use turbo - as they have always said to me, simply because they think that inputs showing the same things for more than 5 times is turbo…
C’mon, not everybody can or want to piano. Just because “any-name-here-Top-Player” does piano, people think you SHOULD also do it, and if your inputs don’t look like that, you are cheating…
Well… Just wanted to post that. :slight_smile:


But generally, for both damage and frame advantage purposes, you only want to use the fierce version. Most cancels are done off of light or medium attacks, which means that your method of simply inputting the same button 5 times in a row doesn’t work in those situations.


Whichever works for you is the right way. However, as said before, there are reasons people use HP electricity over the others. If you can consistently do lp lp lp lp fp quickly, then that works for you. Seems to me it is easier to piano than to slide, so I do that. Took a little bit to get down, but worth it.


If you care to play in tournaments or a tournament like setting, learning to piano is a must. It is illegal to use turbo settings on a controller in tournaments.


This is what I think and think others should think too. LOL

Personaly I usually use HP electricity when I have the opponent on the corner and want to make pressure and I also use it as anti-air. In other cases I use LP or MP Electricity.

Fortunetely I can do it consistenly, that’s why I said that people send me messages saying I use turbo…
I just made a small video showing some of my uses of electricity.


I think you are only limiting yourself, doing elec like this.

Trust me, I used to do it just like you. At first it was because I played on a PS1 pad, but even when I moved to an arcade stick I kept mashing buttons for elec.

People here used to tell me to try and learn piano or slide and I always tought it was “too much work”.

Until one day I sat down on Training for 10 minutes trying to slide I was able to do it consistently (more than 90%) after just a few attempts. That was all.

It took me just 10 minutes of practice and a little adjustment on my button configuration (MP on the top right button).

Without slide or piano is really hard (almost impossible) to do walk forward > st.Jab xx Elec (walking elec), you can’t do cr.MK xx Elec starting from neutral and even st.MP > st.LP xx Elec is really hard to do just mashing


@atirador is right in the sense that buffering elec is very limiting. All the video really shows is buffered electricity off of jumps and hops. This may work against some opponents but anyone competent will just anti-air you. Sliding is very simple and I would suggest at least making an attempt to learn it. I always disliked the idea of sliding because I thought it would be sloppy but it really is reliable with practice!


Like I said, if you think that works for you, then it is good for you. I noticed you’re doing a lot of jump-ins to buffer the LP’s. I’m fairly certain you can’t consistently do walking lp xx FP electricity, which is a huge portion of Blankas main pressure. Jump in cancelled into electricity really only works against certain types of players (and they aren’t good).

When I first started in SF4 on launch, I did the exact same thing. It worked while everyone was just getting used to the game, but once other players learned how to block, it killed my game play. I’m not saying you need to learn pianoing or sliding, but if you’re going to use electricity often… It’s a better idea over you’re current game plan.

Can you do something like this with the method you’re using?

The constant ducking thing was pretty annoying too. Seemed like a taunt of sorts, but well…hitting a couple buttons fast really shouldn’t be anything to be proud of.


Lol at that video. Have fun restricting yourself to buffering electricity off of jumpins while missing out on his main pressure tool and thinking you’ve gotten it down.