Should I trade in KOF XIII for P4A?


To be honest, I have a shitty reason to. Maybe I haven’t practice with the game enough and/or haven’t gave it much of a chance, but it’s sitting there collecting dust and I can’t really pull off anything, so it’s mainly just getting rid of it because I don’t feel like improving my skills. Then again, I did buy it on a whim and was never really interested in KOF in the first game, and P4A looks interesting. That, or I could trade it for some extra cash for TTT2.


Dump it, if your not playing it sell it and someone who wants it can buy it used, if you ever want another copy then buy it later when it is cheaper.


What exactly makes you think P4A…or any other fighting game will be any different?

Every fighting game requires effort to learn.

If you don’t have the energy to learn KOF, you won’t have the energy to learn any game, because every game requires hitting the lab.


I stopped playing P4A after two or three weeks because I realized I didn’t want to take the time required to get good at it. I went back to KoF because that game at least requires skills that I felt would make me a better player in the long run.

Don’t get me wrong, P4A is a really good game, and in my opinion is better than BlazBlue (but not GGAC), but I’d wait a month and then see how you feel.


You’re clearly not going to play KOF if it’s just sitting there collecting dust. I say try out P4A. At the very least, you can just rent the game first and see if you like it, before buying it.

Of course you’re going to have to put in the work to get good at ANY fighting game.


It’s more like that it’s just not my type of fighting game. I prefer Tekken, SC, and DOA. What is P4A like?


None of those. Wait for TTT2.


I see. Thank you.


People trade in fighting games??:eek:


I’m guessing it’s not like Melty Blood, either?


Eh, it’s close. Doesn’t quite have the air footsies that Melty Blood has, but it’s fast-paced and an air dasher like MB.

Melty’s muuuuuuuch better, though.

I guess watch some gameplay videos?


Sounds to me like you just don’t like 2D fighters, which means P4A would be even worse for you. Get TTT2 if you have to get anything else.

My humble opinion of P4A


I’m a huge fan of Persona and the MegaTen universe in general and I dropped P4A before it had even been a month. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend it. Even as much as I love the characters, that’s literally the only thing I like about the game. Try before you buy.

If you aren’t playing KOFXIII (which is a damn shame), then yeah you should probably ax it if you can get a decent chunk of change for it, but don’t just go to whatever is ‘the new hotness’. You probably picked KOFXIII up for similar reasons.

Pick up a game because you like it, not because everybody else does.


I’ve played Melty before, and it was really fun. I didn’t have any problems with execution and it was similar to Inuyasha: A Feudal Fairy Style.

Yeah. I kinda bought it because it was the hotness. I really liked Melty, though. I’m not gonna lie. It’s the character that interest me; I’ve never played any of the Persona games but always wanted to play the RPG’s.


your comment “I can’t really pull off anything” is understandable. I had to really dig deep to get results with KoF. I could easily have given up on it aswell. i heard P4 has auto combos? if this is the case, while you still have to practice to get good, you can work on fundamentals 1st before worrying about technicalities, which imo is a good thing for new players. It is also less demanding then what you didnt want to put yourself through with KoF. I’d say rent it, then take it from there. If the game interests you, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t at least try it out.


Man, I’m a fighting game lover to the heart so I wouldn’t dump a fighting game even it was bad. I say keep your KOF XIII and just buy P4A honestly. I still kept my SFxT even with how… whatever it is… but yeah. You can never go wrong with having some mainstream fighting games under your belt.


If you’re not playing it and have no interest then move on.


KOF is a real honest fighting game.
You can either quit and go live in a world of dishonest fighting games, or learn KOF and get true skill.


I never get rid of a fighting game, ever, ever. Ever. I love setting a good buzz on and just browsing my collection and playing different games.

Just go buy P4A, I hear its good.


Get Marvel. Don’t trade in KOF.

Also AE is fun.


P4A is much easier in the combos department but still isn’t an easy mode game. Reason I didn’t pick up KOF is because there were a lot more characters and you had to play 3 so that means learning 3 characters and all their matchups. With Marvel, Skullgirls, and SF4, learning KOF seemed like a chore. Persona 4 is just 1 character and only 12 other matchups to learn. It will be much easier but you still need to put in time.