Should I "Update" my fightstick

Hey guys, I have a Madcatz PS3 TE2 Fightstick. The problem I have is that it is of the older generation I believe. It requires that I have a special adapter for it to be playable on my PC which is the VIA 1.1 USB adapter. I was wondering how I would be able to upgrade it so that I don’t have to rely on a hardware. It can definitely be a problem if I was to go to a friends place and not be able to use it.


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That said the actual TE2 does not have this issue.
If you followed the rules you would came across the link to a thread titled MadCatz PS3 TE FightStick on Win7 32/64-bit
The issue is only with Mad Catz PS3 TE sticks from 2009, the Street Fighter IV TE (known colloquially as the Round 1 TE) the Street Fighter IV Round 2 TE, and the few themed TE sticks before the TE-S came out with a diffrent PCB design.

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What should be the steps to upgrading? I am assuming that all I would need to do is replace the PCB with a newer version? Or I have to do something else.

If you only play on pc you dont need to upgrade, your stick works on any pc usb port.

Easiest, most universal solution is just to replace the PCB inside of the controller with one that would be compatible for windows.
There are a large selections of boards on the market you can select from, everything from a pre-excisting controller to kits where the board has easy to use screw terminals for easy insulation.

I am assuming of course you have a older TE and not the TE2, and the PS3/PS4 version of the TE2 does not have this issue.
If you don’t know the difference, does your stick has a easy to open top panel that is hinged on the back, if that is a yes you have a TE2, if not you don’t.
Also the PS3 version of the TE-S also does not have this issue, you know if you have the TE-S as it would have flat sides instead of the larger “wings” associated with the Mad Catz TE.

Color and game theme can vary

TE2, Top comes open with latch in the front, hinges in the back.


TE-S Flat sides


TE, “winged sides”


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Ahh. Must of read the name wrong then. I have the TE-Round 2 which is the all black, “winged” model. Sorry. I actually did search around and didn’t find a solution until the end of the post just now. Guess I got a little impatient. Came across an answer saying the Zero Delay PCB is a good choice to work with. Thanks.

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