Should i upgrade SE or stop playing?

hi… i have some really big issues… i cant post this question on the SF4 section because i dont have 50 posts… lol

ok lets get started…

first of all, i have really big issues to win a fight my ratio must be 10-15 wins and 60-100 losses… if anyone is crossing me up im dead, if i try to make an easy combo from the combo threads, i fail to get out my QCF or QCB moves… or i just get blocked and after that i get killed. if i try to block attacks, i sometimes dont block or my char. just sits there and does nothing. if anyone is jumping at me i stand up and block normal, after that i crouchblock sometimes it works sometimes i get killed…

ok now on to the upgrade question: should i upgrade my SE stick and buttons with the sanwa parts because i think its the default madcatz shit sticks fault that i cant get out ryus ultra because i cant hit the corners of the stick they dont react sometimes, and give it a go, or should i just stop playing because i suck?

please only give me some serious answers :sad:

hit up training mode.

Just stop playing. If you think you are bad because of the stick then you really are bad. A good player can use anything out there. Don’t blame your parts, shit it’s gotten bad with all these new guys looking for shortcuts.

se stock parts are garbage. upgrade those parts to sanwa

Maybe try an octogate. I think QCF moves are a bit easier.
And to try it out its pretty cheap to.

Emo thread is emo. :sad:

Upgrade your stick. If you don’t enjoy playing the game then sell your stick and play something else.