Should I Upgrade to Ultra Street Fighter IV? Thoughts for Players Starting Out?


Just Barely getting into street fighter 4 and have the AE edition. Im slowly picking up the game and seem to find/play matches online. Its a really hard game to pick up on, but enjoying my time with it so far.

Is it worth the upgrade / how big is the online community compared to AE? I am on the Xbox 360. I do own the physical SSF4:AE on PS3 as well, but its cheaper to do the digital upgrade on the xbox at $15.

Also what do you guys use for controllers/fight sticks and recommend? The xbox 360 controllers a little rough to use.

Also any tips/helpful guides to help a player just starting out?

Add me online for some matches / practice.
PSN : Lilchiji
Xbox Live : ASIAN M0NK3Y
(Zero for O in Monkey)



I would say yes if you plan on sticking with the game, since quite a bit has changed between the versions. However, PSN is horrible for this game so go with Xbox.


Just upgraded to it this morning :slight_smile:

Love the online practice mode because it really has been helping out.

The new characters are good too. Send me a friend request over xbox live for some matches/practice.


So you are using an X360 controller now? Have you ever tried playing on an arcade stick?
If not, I suggest you try it. Because you are at an early stage of learning to play SF, so you might as well try playing on a stick. (you’ll benefit from it in the long run)