Should I use the same Game name?


Hello. As I watched Evo DVDs, I got curious that should we use the same handle name in other game tournaments such as next EVO? I played in this evo tounament as Otome: however, no one called me Otome. Even my friends were cheering and shouting my another game name during Final.

well…I am thinking of using a different name in next evo. Is it confusing? I am a japanese player. should I use one game name in order to avoid facing other Japanese players in early rounds?

I am not interested in making my game name famous by getting into the top players. I nowadays bought XBOX online ID, but I am using neither Otome nor YOSUKE. As I played, a few players realized who I was.

When I registered Evo 2007, I wrote"Otome not equal YOSUKE." I did not care if it was a whole name or not. Like I said, noone called me Otome. I knew that it was going to happen:crybaby: I don’t care if I need to use the same handle or not, but I just wondered. I doubt I should use Otome next time though.

I would like to hear your opinions:pleased:

thank you.

So what did people call you?

Oh and I’ve been to both Evo 2k6 and 2k7 and people either called me by my real name Johnathon or my SRK name. Most of the time people running the brackets will refer to you by your real name since that’s usually what’s on the brackets. I have a pretty good rep on SRK though so most other SRK members refer to me as DevilJin even in real life.

Overall I wouldn’t worry about changing your name. It’s not really confusing for SRK staff since they put your real name on the brackets any ways. People change their SRK name all the time any ways.

Go by the name fatbear. But only if you win.

they called my real name. YOSUKE.

I used to use this name as my game name in Japan, but no longer here. I see. I will keep changing my name. thankyou.

I won’t use you name hehe.


who gives a fuck?

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OH HEY ITS POTTER crosses off robust

good evo dvd moment

thanks dude.

I don’t think I am going to use Otome anymore though haha.

Damn, you have some identity crisis. heh heh :razzy:

You can change your online handle as many times as you want. But the people that really know you are always going to refer to you as YOSUKE.

Really? How do you go about doing this?

Premium members can change their handle I believe.

Other than that, you can make a new account.

Dude what do you even look like as have you been in other tournaments, as sorry I am more of a face man than name person ?

yellow skin, black hair, glasses

i was just watching you play in the virtua fighter 5 finals. i was remembering you as Otome, i normally stick to calling people in these tourneys as their handles and not their actual names.

hello guys I did not expect that someone would post something. the problem would be that all hardcore vf players call me YOSUKE:wasted: on the next evo tournaments, I guess I will use a different game name such as…hmm… like "Rei Ayanami not equal YOSUKE"or something like this. thats ok if they call me as YOSUKE.

the thing is that I would like to use a name from…He@#ai games or anime.

a lot of players started to play VF, so I hope they have VF5 next year. I will not be there if they don’t hold VF5:sweat:

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. It doesn’t seem like vf will be at evo for a long time <3

I remember him now, I played him in RBFF2 in the first match when I was Terry and he was Mai, it was a close match

oh my gosh I remember him as well hahaha. RBFF2 hahahhahahahaha

So you the dude who used Jackie during VF finals, yeah I had my camera when you won and I hi fived you and I said ‘‘SNK motherfucker’’ when I sat in the audience.

If that was you, how comes you come across like you dont speak much english but you type it so well.

well I will be at the next Evo and play you again if you are that same Mai player in RBFF2 that I played and to be honest should have beaten, if I didnt make 2 stupid mistakes with Terry

hahaha goooood.
by the way, I barely use guys in other games haha–.