Should I use turbo for Blanka's electricity?


It’s so convenient! I have no problem piano’ing for other characters(Gen, Honda) but for some reason I have trouble comboing into Blanka’s electricity.
What am I sacrificing by using turbo? It’s easy for online play but I feel as though better players would be able to punish me easily since I’m constantly stuck doing it for seconds at a time. Just a scrubby Blanka player looking for advice and trying to get better :slight_smile:

Oh and is there anyway to combo into Ultra 1?



There’s a link to u1 in his trials.


Besides the fact that it’s cheating, it’s more practical to piano for Blanka’s electricity. Not sure why it’s difficult for you, as it’s pretty much the same input for Gen and Honda. It’s important to be able to control, since you don’t want to do the electricity animation for too long. If you do, you lose frame advantage, and the other guy can punish you.

There’s no practical way to combo into U1 that I’m aware of. His trial mode has a combo like that, but it’s not practical in an actual match. Most use U1 as a punish for a jump in, post forward-throw setups, gimmicky frame traps, and a bad source of chip damage.


if you’re really struggling with jab xx elec, just slide your fingers: LP MP HP MP LP

you only get LP electricity, but it’s basically impossible to miss.


dishonorable question, OP.


Thanks. I would try LP MP HP LP HP. Is there a big difference between LP MP or HP electricity?


hp does the most damage and has the most + frames on block (+10). i’m not sure if there are any hitbox differences.


ROTFLMFAO ur asking us if u should cheat? smh gtfoh. how the fuck did i get flagged for this? lol


hey guys, you think i should lag switch? it would be much easier for me to play defense if the other guy always dropped his combos. what am i sacrificing by letting them finish combos?


hey guys, you think i should boost? it would be much easier to get PP if i didnt have to fight real people. what am i sacrificing by not taking a chance at losing?


hey guys, you think i should use a macroed controller? it would be much easier to do links if i had macros. what am i sacrificing by not doing links myself?


Srsly tho, when you use turbo you’re not really playing the same game any more imo.


If you are just playing online and never plan on going to tournaments then I don’t see why not?

Good players should just see this sort of thing as a challenge. Not get mad at it. Think of it as a handicap and try to have fun.

I always loved running into turbo’d players. It can give a little edge, but nothing game breaking imho.


I had the same problem even though I could piano well with Gen and Honda. For me the answer was simply holding down the HP button after the last piano input and then the electricity started connecting. I have no idea why but it worked. (and no I didn’t have the turbo on :p)


wut. U1 is not only a great source of chip damage as something like 30 characters can literally not escape certain setups, it’s also very practical to combo into.

there are hitbox differences and because of procedural hurtboxes and the different elec startups sometimes only a specific version will work in a combo. This is normally hp but there are some notable exceptions, mostly with abel where almost all extended combos into electricity require mp elec, and where deep,, xx lp elec works on a lot more crouchers and is more consistent vs Hawk.

Also blanka elec is harder than other mash moves cause you don’t get the chun chain cancel and have lower total frames to cancel than other nonchainable moves.


I do LP MP HP LP MP, but that’s because I have retarded fingers.


Why not? Points are all that matter anyway


you didnt type no disrespect at the end.

and you main akuma


Yes, use turbo OP, feel had about it and then dont play anymore


Bisons turboing lk are the worst. That shit isn’t even a hard to do, that’s pathetic shit man.