Should I use U1 or U2?



I’m a new Dee Jay player (a new SSFIV player at that), and I have some problems with him. At first, I was kind of reluctant to start playing him because I wasn’t exactly fond of charge characters, but I liked his moveset and his character in general. So yesterday I decided to give Dee Jay one last try, and I was actually impressed. I did better than I usually do online (Don’t get me wrong, it was still painful to watch). I think that I’ll be sticking with him from now on.

Now on to the actual topic, I was wondering which ultra is the more preferred option? I used to only use U1 because I could not get the input right for U2, but I found a way to make it easier on myself. So, which Ultra should I use? Also, off-topic but, any general/basic advice about Dee Jay you can give out would be appreciated. Thank you



Use U2. U1 is awful. I only use U1 against Tony Hawk


I was the same way when I first started playing him. I used to main Ryu way back when Super came out, and decided to try and learn Dee Jay. I sucked SO BAD with him in the beginning, so I actually dropped him for a while; then switched to guile. After a while of that, I went back to Dee Jay and started winning constantly.

I think most people will tell you that U2 is the preferred ultra for Dee Jay. Mainly because U1 has very limited situations to be used in my experience, and the punish range for it is just bad. Coupled with the fact that it is a charge ultra makes it that less favorable and harder to react to fireballs. U2 has more comboability, too: …>EX MGU>U2 in the corner, …>EX MGU>Dash>U2 midscreen, or even AA > U2.

That’s just my two cents basically. I’m sure Jcool, Da Knut, or some other the other seasoned Dee Jay players could give some more insight.


Neither trollface

I use to use ultra 1 because I had the ability to react to fireballs, but U2 is better because it can be used as an anti-air and you can combo into it easier.


Well, as a new player I also have trouble pulling off combos and FADCs and that crap, can’t get into it.


Online, I’ve found I’ve been able to get chip wins with U1 about 20 times as often as I’m able to land U2 at all. It’s chip damage is ridiculous. And people yell such funny things when it kills them.

This doesn’t work too well against people that know what they’re doing, though. Offline, I find myself rarely using ultras. Don’t worry about which one is better because they’re both pretty ass. Watch any high level play of Ryu and there’s an ultra from him almost every round. Watch high level play if Dee Jay and you’re lucky to see an ultra through a whole best of 5 set.


I use U1 Against Thawk and Blanka, though I’m not sure U1 is the best choice against blanka. Just started using Dee Jay recently, but I can tell you now with any character being able to combo into ultra makes that one the best pretty much no matter what. However some cases its needed to prevent certain things. Like some characters have to choose a certain ultra to prevent fireball spam. Same reason I use U1 against thawk and blanka, to prevent dive spam and ball spam.


I also love ultra 1. It’s great against shoto’s. My reaction agaist fireball characters are on point. I’ve see someone on youtube used it as a dash ultra. sick. Still trying to dash into it. For the most part most of my matches end without using ultra. The fact that deejay has a full stock ultra keeps people away from you, which is a great physiological tool to exploit. Capcom should have made it so that you could combo into it like his super.


I like U1 vs the slower fireball characters and Zangief. Honestly though for a fireball punish ultra it feels pretty flimsy, even popping it real quick on reaction it seems to get hit out of the animation alot, so I like it for the threat.


Dont listen to that threat bull ish…That Ultra is garbaahge…The only way you can punish fireballs with that thing is if the opponent throws a obvious bad one. The range on it and the speed is just not enough…I once tryed to use it against the Rose player who had a backdash habit…didnt even get to her. -_-

Stick to Ultra 2. Dont worry about landing Dash Ultra. Just focus on getting it on a character that crumpled after you focused them…or after you hit someone with ex machingunupper in the corner. Heck atleast you can do that with U2. U1 just disgused me after that Rose incident.


You really do crumple someone with a lvl2 Focus? With that crappy Focus attack. Most of the times i try this, the people just laugh at my Focus :stuck_out_tongue:


I chipped Da Knut to death with U1 to take a round off of him just a few minutes ago. It felt dirty.

Felt less dirty when he kicked my ass in the third round and won. That felt appropriate.


U1 can be focused. Doesn’t have that much invincibility. If you used it to chip then that was smart on your part. The deejay mirror is so stupid and random in AE. You can’t learn much from it imo.


U1 certain matchups. right now really only T Hawk, and Ryu imo, maybe even blanka. if you prefer. I may use the ultra not to use it, but to give the threat, cuz ya know…what good player is gunna throw fireballs like that when ur ultra 1 is stocked. Friend told me that U1 beats Oni’s U2 after he hits the ground.


@ Jcool: The DJ mirror flowchart: someone jumps. Gets upkicked. No one jumps for the rest of the set. for the knockdown. Safe jumps. Crouching in front of each other for a second and a half, then both throw out lk sobat at seemingly the same time. One wins. Someone throws out lk sobat and gets beaten with slide. Safe jumps. Slashers. Time is running out, so the DJ with less life gets impatient, mistimes safe jump, gets upkicked. KO.

@ RTMbot: As people have been saying, U1 is only really useful against T.Hawk, because it punishes all condor dives, and Blanka/Honda, because it punishes their mp and hp balls/butts. It will punish lp balls/butts if they’re close to the corner. Going through fireballs is a risky proposition at best, as better players can easily focus or backdash the first hit. Dash ultra is fairly easy, though, so it’s not trash.

The main problem is that U2 is just a lot better. If you plan your strategy correctly, you will often get your opponent in the corner, and then EX Machinegun Upper into U2 is dead easy and deals a lot of damage. Slightly harder, but still very common is anti air slide into U2. U2 will also serve you better for the occasional wakeup ultra, and you can get the full animation off of a crumple quite easily, unlike U1. You don’t even have to worry about dash U2 at this point. Just learn to do the motion properly and consistently, and you will find yourself having more success.

If you’re going to use U2 for anti air, remember that the animation moves DJ forward a surprising amount. Make sure you don’t end up on the other side of them.


How do you do dash U2?


I just posted a video in the dash u2 thread, which also has a Jcool video attached to it i believe as a video response.

on my page there is also a video on how to land the ultra if you simply cant get the dash u2 down.



Thanks for accepting the response dug I think the more videos the better. Everyone has their own take on the technique. Would you mind posting your vid as a response to mine on YouTube?


why u1 for zangief?


Whiff punishing some of Zangiefs slower normals like RH to move across the screen and SPD’s. Plus I can pretty much only land u2 off a jump in combo and I don’t jump vs Gief at all. I could be wrong though.