Should I use Zonk more?

I know good cross-up games and combos, so that’s out of the way. But I hardly use Zonk, or EX zonk for that matter. Should I start using it more, and during what occasions?

if you anticipate a high hitting poke or special. ex zonk is your only real reversal. so if you are in defense position it can be nice to have charged. also, in a firebar war it’s a grea tool to close in + counter hit. (FA DC the first hadoken, immediatly release zonk, = will hit him nearly 3/4 screen away). it can be ambiguous to release after “block pressure” to reversal their reversals.

I have a hard time knowing when to use it. Whenever I do start using it I’ll hit it over and over but, I feel like I don’t play as solid because I’m dancing around trying to zonk.

Right now it’s either anti-fireball or I don’t charge it. I never ex zonk reversal ever.

In general you should never overuse any one special, or normal, or anything. Personally, I still have a bad habit of spamming zonk for no reason. If you watch some replays of Sabr3’s cody you can see that he is usually charging jab and fierce which leaves strong for anti air B+mp. I mean it really depends on who you’re fighting, if you’re fighting honda and you knock him down, you can OS an ex bingo with if he tries to wake up headbutt/super/ultra. Against boxer I almost always have fierce charged for zonk, since i use jab and strong to pressure and tech throws, but having that zonk charged is good for countering most of his dash punches, like dash straight or turn around punch. Zonk is usually a good way of getting around fireballs, but just make sure you are spaced such that you don’t get punished; like if you’re too close to Akuma, he can walk up to u and sweep or Sagat could follow up a zonked fireball with a tiger knee pretty quickly to catch you since zonk has a good amount of recovery. You just have to learn to adapt to the situation to decide whether or not to use zonk.

My favourite use is v. Ryu, if he’s poking with and chipping you down canceling into hadokens you can zonk after the to go right underneath. I’ve fought some decent Ryu’s online who I’ve conditioned to throw no fireballs whatsoever, godlike.

(Not sure how good this is at a high level)

I do fucking love the command for zonk though, it’s like the easiest special to use on reaction in the game.

you have to pre charge it which takes its momentum and also various strenghts of other specials and normals.

easierst is lariat btw. (they should make it charge aswell : >)

YES. Zonk is an important part of his game.

Shit, you’re right. It’s still damn good though.

Zonk is great against a FB rushdown. I find it useful as a defensive offense move.

I feel Zonk is one of Cody’s best tools but at the same time I feel it depends who your facing. From my experiences it’s best against projectile characters and characters that tend to do lunge type moves from a distance e.g. Balrog. But in saying that it don’t work so well with low lunges (Cammy’s spiral arrow unless it’s EX Zonk)

If you find it hard to know when to charge Zonk, find out which moves Zonk counters with ease then basically I would say the more your opponent uses that move or moves the more you should start chraging Zonk. Only the other day I beat a Balrog with pretty much only charging Zonk cos he kept doing spin punch lol.

I like to use it as a “anti-air”, as the opponent’s air attack will miss and he will mash light punch/kick instead of blocking. It only works a few times before he notices it, but does more damage than a anti-air s.HK.

Be careful because most people know that Codys like to charge for zonk and they will often wait for it or bait it. also be familiar with the timings of your zonks when your fighting Guile because his sonic booms are weird and he has some good normals to follow up. use sparingly in general, but use liberally against people who are unfamiliar with the character

or suprise them with a 3 hitting zonk chain. kinda funny sometimes.

Zonk only comes to mind in the shoto match-ups IMO

ive got one up my sleeve 80% of the time… & sometimes three :wink:

Unless you have 3 bars EX bingo isnt safe on wakeup.
Unless you know they’re going to do some very unsafe shit don’t do it without 3 bars.

I will usually feel my opponent out in the first round to see how susceptible they are to the Zonk. Gives me an edge in the second round by setting up expectations on how heavily I will rely on the move. I’ve taken entire rounds against Rose players using Zonk for all but two or three hits.