Should i wait for ps360+?

i am building new stick and want to know if i should wait for PS360+.

I can use tools as soldering iron and stuff…I can get
[SIZE=3]Toodles Cthulhu Multi-Console PCB instead and dual mod it by adding xbox360 PCB.[/SIZE]

Can someone help me decide which route I should take?

I will mainly use this stick for PS3 and Xbox360.

There are no announced date for the release of the PS360+
Prototypes were sent out to select people for testing but some of the boards had issues.
If there was a defined date I would said sure, can you wait X amount of weeks?

Paewang PCB also suppoerts PS3 and Xbox 360 from 1 board

For Dual-mods check out the Dual Modding 101 thread

I’m in the same boat. I’m just gonna use w/e is available at the time. If the PS360+ isn’t available when I’m ready, I’ll just be using a chimp/fightpad setup. Paewang’s are so expensive from etokki.

Thanks DarkSakul for the info.
How about function wise?

If I use [SIZE=3]Toodles Cthulhu Multi-Console PCB and dual mod it, will it have better functions?[/SIZE]

I know PS360+ offers XBOX360, PS3 and PS2…[SIZE=3][/SIZE]

Out of the box PS360+ will only support PC, PS3, 360 and PS2. So you will have more functionality from the MC board if you pair it with a 360 board because of the extra supported consoles. If you want Auto Detection you can get that by pairing the two boards with an Imp V2.
If you feel comfortable with soldering, I see no real reason to wait for the PS360+

Since all informational updates on the PS360+ have become non-existant you may be waiting a very long time. I would go with MC Cthulhu and ImpV2 if you are building from ground up. If you have access to a MadCatz TE 360 board I would go with Toodles TE Kitty.

If you’re building a stick from scratch, then I’d say wait for the PS360+

[*]PS360+ software update (Jan 31st, 2012).

Sure about that?****

I’m the only person it seems to be only posting information in the Thread.
Are you sure there are no updates?

I’m not done with testing.
So more will come from me.

So jdm714 would you know when will be the estimate timing for PS360+, do you think it will be out before Apr?

Ps360+ will be retailing how much?

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Sorry jdm, I haven’t seen that forum, I was referring mostly to the seeming lack of info on this forum and that Jman of Focus Attack has said he’s stopped receiving updates about a possible release date.

Because the information is in Thread.
I don’t see why there would be information about PS360+ somewhere else.

Focus Attack would not know anything about it.
TheRealNeoGeo is not going to talk to anyone about it.

He be waiting for a long time then

Really? I could wait up to Apr…

Can anyone suggest good xbox PCB I shoud get…if I go with [SIZE=3]Cthulhu Multi-Console PCB[/SIZE]

SFIV/SSFIV FightPad or WWE BrawlPad.
The most straight forward to work with.
No having to deal with Trigger Hack.

We shall see…


If anything, JDM is the guy who usually gets this type of news and info first.

ok so i do not want to wait for ps360+ to come out without temp pcb. should i just buy Toodles Cthulhu Multi-Console PCB for now. and once ps360+ is out i can dual mod it with cthulhu? so i can use it for older console and xbox360 and ps3?