Should i wait for ps360+?

will this work?

it’ll work, it’s a bit on the large size. I prefer to stick with 22awg, 26 is nice to work with too.

If you are using an RJ45 jack then what is the point in also having a USB jack? Just run everything through the same Cat5/6 ethernet cable from the IMP.

I didn’t want to convert the USB cable I already have to RJ45. I will use RJ45 for older consoles, and USB for PS3 and Xbox360

Question again, for circle 1 and 2 Can some one tell me exactly where to solder the wire? I dissembled my own controller last night and there are 4 points. From the picture it is difficult to tell exactly where.

Also for circle 3, Do I keep the USB wire from the Xbox controller or get another set of wire and connect it to Lmp V2?

I am asking this because the RJ45 and USB port will be connecting to Neutric port from lmp v2.

If you’re using a MCC, you really only need the RJ45 port. What you would do is make a cable with the USB on one end and an Rj45 connector on the other. That way you can hook up to the 360 or PS3. Then make cables for whatever other consoles you will be playing on.

There is a pretty good tutorial on here on how to make cables. You could also have someone make the cables for you if you don’t feel like tackling that. It’s really much more elegant and neater than having a USB and RJ45 port on the stick. Still, it;s your choice.

Here’s a very good tutorial on how to do a MCC/360/RJ45 setup. There’s also a link to how to make cables in there too:

Ok… but utterly pointless and a waste of time & money.

It’s your life, dude.

Well… hello there.


What do you mean?

Check the shop for an info update.

Oh my gosh…I just bought everything yesterday…this sucks. lol

I wanted to comment just to clear up some matters. Focus sold the original PS360 via Akishop. When a manufacturing restock was planned, Per of Akishop suggested that we take pre-orders. We took over 200 pre-orders. Over the past 10 months, there has been communication problems - not just for myself with Akishop, but a lot of people on SRK. He has indeed spoken to a relative few, but has spoken to myself on occasions regarding the new PCB. The communication has been scarce at best. The last he told me was that frustration and stress in getting the PCB done motivated him to stay quiet for a while.

JDM, I know that Per sent you a PCB to test. He also sent one to Butteroj at my request in order to create PS2 cables. After a round of issues with the original PCB, I’m glad that he is getting additional tests done for the new PCB.

Lately, through some posts at SRK, we seem to be at odds for reasons I’m not certain. I don’t even know you.

Are my Posts sounding mean?
Why is that? :sad:

That’s just James being James. You know how he is,occasionally acting like Tech Talks mean olf cat lady.

Hello cat lady?

the new Ps360+'s need autofire, or else I’m not gonna buy.

Is this good enough?

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As long as those solder points aren’t also touching the ground, then you should be ok. You can test it with a multi-meter if you have one

I think its not touching the ground…however I would like to test it. I currently do not have multi-meter…will this work?
Do I also have to buy something outs?

Also how do I use it to test it?

Any multi meter will test for continuity. For testing, set the meter to test for continuity, and then hold one of the points to a known ground point (i.e the Ground from USB) and then touch any of your solder points. If there a beep, or the number reads anything but 1, then your solder point is touching the ground… If you take a higher rez photo we could probably tell a bit better. Also, google for more tips on multi meter use :slight_smile: