Should I wait for umvc3

I recently got back into fighting games due to MK9. Watching some videos the vs catalog looks interesting. So my question is should I get MvC3 now? Or just wait UMvC3 comes out?

Wait. I doubt Ultimate will turn out not being better than vanilla and it’s coming out in like, what, 2 months?

maybe I should re word the question. Being a MK fan, is it worth getting.

Mvc3 flows much better than MK, but I’m not one to say if you’d enjoy it or not.

Here’s a way to cheat the system. Rent Mvc3, if you like it then buy Umvc3 when it comes out.

so how is renting it first, cheating the system?

Being smart.
Being smart is OP, needs a health nerf.

Don’t but MVC3. Wait for Ultimate. Or ask somebody you know to borrow. Whatever you do DON’T BUY IT. Save the money you would buy for it for the new strategy guide.

Cheating as in saving money by being able to play marvel vs capcom without wasting money because of UMVC3 coming out. if you buy Mvc3 now. You spent 50-60$ (idk if price dropped) on a game that you may or may not like, If you don’t like it you just wasted money. If you do like it you’ll still waste money because you just bought a version of the game that will soon be Obsolete. Thus by renting you can test if you like the game or not still play it, and spend less money. Then you can go ahead and buy UMVC3 for 40$ if you like it.

I recently got my friend into Mvc3 and told him to rent it, he rented it from the local library for 2$ for a whole month, which means when Ultimate comes out he would’ve spend just 42$ for the whole Marvel vs Capcom 3 experience without paying 60$ for a game that will be useless in 3 months and paying 100$ for the whole series (Unlike some of us >.> )

I would wait for umvc3 when it comes to buying, but u should rent it to test out if its right for u, to get used to the game mechanics, practice some combos, ect. Plus if u have a mvc3 save on your system, a special mode will unlock for umvc3! Not sure what that mode is, but I’m the type that likes to get everything I can out of a game.

I am in the same boat as you op, I came back to fighting games because of mk. After watching some tournaments for mk I found out about MvC3 and thought it looked like a pretty interesting game. After realizing mk isn’t the same game I fell in love with in the 1990s (to slow paced for me) I have dropped it and have been following MvC3 on Wednesday Night Fights, Revalations, and Evo.

also first post woo

MVC3 is $30 at gamestop, but you should probably just rent it.

Yeah, wait is what I’m going to do. Plus this give me more chance to get used to my stickless fight stick.

I actually think you can get MVC3 from players who don’t like the game.

**EDIT – they’ll pay you to take the game away from them

But seriously, rent it first to see if you like the system. There’s a LOT more chaos on the screen than MK9, but it’s about the same pace speedwise. Lots of rushdown.

It depends on what you want to accomplish with UMVC3. It’s a LOT different gameplay-wise from MK. If you plan to be competitive, though, I’d get MVC3 now and start practicing. Just don’t get too comfortable because UMVC3 will change a significant amount of things.

I had a lot of fun on MK at first with all the mobility moves etc, but after adapting to MvC3 before playing MK, it makes MK a lot more boring without the assists and speed MvC3 has. Honestly, MK’s controls feel kinda clunky in comparison - it seems like they overcompensated in making things easy to perform but that results in controls feeling less smooth.

Also, there’s a clear difference in skill cap if you have played both games. In a day or so I felt completely confident in my main character and after a week it felt like there wasnt really much else to learn (not much new tech etc). While in MvC even months down the line there’s still things to learn. And that’s just on a main character - mix in the MvC assist system w/ your main character and the possibilities are almost endless.

I’d say definitely play the game. If you have gamefly or something might as well rent it. I don’t regret buying it.

I guess buying it depends on the type of person you are though. A lot of people are upset that they are releasing UMvC for $40 in 9 months, but I’m personally excited. With the announced changes and 12 chars I think thats a substantial amount of content and I’ll gladly buy it, and if in another 9 months they release a new version with equal amounts of content I’ll buy that one too. I played MvC3 more than every other PS3 game I’ve bought in years so I more than got my moneys worth. I guess people forgot how fighting games been released with this format since 1990. Seems they also forget Starcraft came out in March 1998 and Brood War came out in Nov 1998 and sold for $40 (which was LESS TIME than MvC to UMvC). So needless to say, if I didnt own MvC3 I would have no problem buying it for $30, and if you have been buying new editions of fighting games as long as I have I doubt you will have an issue with buying it either.

If you are not one of those “THIS GAME IS SCRUB FRIENDLY. WOMEN ARE PICKING UP THIS GAME AND BEATING MEN. THAT’S HOW BAD IT IS.” guys I think it will be difficult not to enjoy this game. Because it’s not hard to pick up and yet at the same time very deep and fun to play.

Well if that’s the case, maybe my wife will play too. I did get her into fps games. I just play for fun anyway.

Be warned though that the single player content of this game is very lackluster in comparison to MK9, so unless you seek opponents either online or offline you might not be able to enjoy it as much as we did.

If memory serves me correctly, the online matchmaking is supposed to be greatly improved. So finding opponents shouldn’t be an issue. That’s why I got away from fighters before, A. I. is never as fun as an actual player.