Should I worry about online fighting lagging

with any controller converters and also because I live in Hawaii?

My ISP speed is 11megs up/1 meg down btw.

Uhhhmm… I’m not quite sure what sort of answer you were looking for so I’ll try and cover the bases.

  • Input lag caused by a converter/adapter will be the same online and offline. You’ll benefit yourself greatly by getting one that has no input delay or command drops.

  • Connection lag from networking latency (ie. how fast the internet communicates its stuff) is unavoidable online, period. The network code can dramatically alter the noticeability of that lag, by managing the efficiency with which information is sent and received. Network code is a built-in component of the program/game you’re using/playing. Note that some programs/games/methods of playing online either require or work best when certain ports are forwarded.

  • No, you don’t need to worry about the connection lag. It’s there and there’s nothing you can do to eliminate it entirely. Just be aware it exists and accept it will never be quite as good as real (offline) play. You’ll know when something is too choppy to play, and it does happen sometimes; just try another connection.

I hope that helps. :wonder:


what kind of internet do you have?

I have Cable Business class and Mine is 15 Down and 2 up.

Are you sure it’s 11 up/ 1 down? I’ve never heard of that. Thats crazy upload speed.

Thanks for the information Deadfrog.

Evawingzero, I don’t know what terms to use when describing internet speed so I’ll just say that your ISP is 50% faster than mine, down and up. I use Hawaii Telecom as my ISP who took over Verizon’s Network after they left for whatever reasons I don’t know.

go to and post your results here.

more than likely your lag is because of your region.

Haha yeah good call. 11 down 1 up sounds way more likely.

deadfrog its not even that high. im getting 16mbit/1mbit. unless he is talking about MB/s

IMO, if your connection is bad, I wont play you.

I’ve know alot of people from Hawaii that had very good onternet connections, but still lag like crazy coming from the islands.

You should be very very worried.

ps yeah, hes probably talking about megabits, not Kbits

wow, ty for the laugh :smiley:

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