Should my first fighting game be p4a?


should i get persona 4 arena as my first fighting game, i have heard great things about, gameplay is good and netcode is pretty good, should i give it a shot?


Just try it out. You’re probably not going to get into a game that you’re not interested it, so you have a better chance of doing well in a game that you like. So if you like P4A, try it out, get a feel for it, mess around in training mode, trial mode, single player, online, whatever. Go have fun with it.

It’s like losing your virginity. Just give it up to the first girl you show mild interest in. lol.


P4A is probably better at being accessible than Capcom’s efforts. With auto-combos, you spend more time focusing on the fundamentals (spacing, footsies, etc.) and not on combos. Instead of thinking about how to pull stuff off, you’re thinking more about when and why.


Actually you need to stop using the auto combos as your damage combo way before you even get to “spending more time focusing on fundamentals”.
As an accessibility tool they are overall useless and are only good on the very 1st period with the game when you are still learning your buttons.
Though they still have their place at high level for their meter charging properties, or as part of other combos.

The game is still pretty accessible but not because of auto combos.


But the point is, they’re always there as a tool you can utilize. In most other fighters, people will find themselves at a point where they’re stuck wondering about what they should be doing for damage and just dropping stuff because they’re stumbled into a mental block. In P4A, it’s easier to mentally loop back to just hitting A when you’re feeling stumped.


Get P4A. It is a lot of fun, your also getting into fighters at a great time because there are lots of great titles that have been out for a while and you can get them cheap off of other players or second hand stores. Every fighting game has something about it that by playing it that will not only let you become a better player overall. Banana Ken pointed out in a Facebook thread debate between Wolfkrone and Adonis Tha God about sticking to one game vs playing multiple games that Banana Ken takes ideas from one game and applies them to other games.


P4A is a good game, but its accessibility is mostly smoke and mirrors.
Auto combo makes the game more interesting from scrubs because they can mash out a whole combo without actually having to learn; however if you want to actually get better its in your best interest to ditch auto combos as soon as possible.
Maximizing damage from your hits is too important in anime games to rely on auto combos and expect to win for long.


Actually, it’s STILL a TON more accessible than…pretty much anything else out there. Things like the universal two button reversal, the lack of command normals, the more-or-less universal anti-air, the lack of link combos, the lack of difficult motions (everything is either QCF/QCB, DD, or QCFQCF) and the like all add up to a game that is significantly more approachable than anything else on the market even comes close to.

Just because the auto-combo isn’t brokenly good doesn’t make it not markedly more accessible than most games.


25th DOA5, all you need to know. Everything aside you can at least agree it looks better than other games.


Depends, for example, with Teddie you can use autocombo to get damage out of random hits you wouldn’t think would combo. Hit a mid air opponent with the very tip of your claw with 5A? Just keep hitting AAA and the whole string will hit. The only time autocombos become really wasteful is when they’re brought all the way to super.