Should newbs/scrubs avoid getting alternate costumes?


I kinda want the new costumes for Abel and El Fuerte, but I am bad at this game. Like, really bad. Would it be ridiculous for me to get the alternates considering my low skill level?


What? Costumes don’t affect anything other than what your character looks like. Just buy them if you want them.


Buy the costumes if you want to use them.



hah alright, thanks guys.


Yes I do not think your level of skill should matter or not if you want to have something. :S


Well speaking from a pure money viewpoint it’s probably not worth it, you may find yourself experimenting with and using other characters instead and not even touching the characters you started out playing when you get better, or you may even end up dropping the game after finding a better fighting game, in which case you are then saddled with a bunch of useless costumes you never see and can’t sell on to someone else or anything like that.

Of course there’s nothing stopping you buying them and they are a bit of a more money than sense purchase anyway (especialy with how they were ready long before the game came out) and you may stick with Furute and Abel, but looking at it, they just aren’t worth it.


bolded 1: unlikely. I spent the past week going through trials with every character to see which ones I liked and didn’t like. I know I will be sticking with Fuerte and Abel, and am trying to learn Hakan as well.

bolded 2: again, unlikely. I suck more at vs. games than SSFIV so I won’t be getting MvC3 even though it looks pretty sweet. I may get the new Mortal Kombat when it comes out but I was never that big of a MK fan. So unless Killer Instinct 3 is released I will be sticking with SSIFV.

I do agree the alternates are overpriced for what they are, but I’ve got something like 900 MS points just sitting there not being used. decisions, decisions.


oops, double post. sorry.


I would get them, since it’s only around $6 for all the costume packs.


Once you buy one costume pack you can no longer by the full costume pack.

I’d suggest holding off on buying the the brawler costumes and possibly buying all the costumes in one big bundle. (that is cheaper than buying each costume pack separately) if you choose you want the others at a later date.


well if it’s around $6 for the bundle, approximately how much for just one pack? That makes it sound like the bundle is the much better deal.


Wait 'til the 27th, there’s going to be an all-in-one pack released for 1200MSP. And yeah, costumes have nothing to do with skill, just buy them if you want them :slight_smile: I hear you though, I’m on a quest to master Alt 3 Akuma and Guile. :S


Considering how many people pay for trivial things such as Console themes, player pictures, avatar clothes etc, I don’t see anything wrong with buying costumes that you plan on using even if you don’t intend on spending much time with the game.


On PSN one pack is around $3.