Should next year's EVO SFIV entry fees be increased?


…now this just occurred to me, since I’ve been thinking about the enormous projected turnout for SFIV this year, so please hear me out before flames and criticism is set forth.

Given the prestige of being the North American SFIV champion this year, due to the insane numbers expected to participate, shouldn’t the pot be just as grand?

I know that it’s $10 or something for SFIV this year, but why not just double it to $20 or $25 for next year’s EVO? We might even have SFIV Dash/CE by then, possibly increasing the popularity of the game even moreso.

Now let’s look at the pros and cons coming from the increase, shall we?

An increase to Entry Fees may lead to:


  • a possibly bigger pot, given numbers, leading to…
  • a possible increase in participation numbers (maybe less likely, who knows?), due to the substantial increase in the prize pot


  • a possible decrease in participation numbers to cut the uber-casual/“just there to participate” type of players, thereby making managing the tournament possibly less strenuous in organizer resources (man power, time, etc.)


  • a possible decrease in participation numbers
  • alienating/discouraging possible interested new/casual players
  • tons of complaints from cheapskates who can’t save an extra $15 (there, I said it)

…the second con is definitely a possibility, but if they were truly interested and dedicated to the game, they’d participate to gain the tournament experience, right? That’s just my take on it.

Let’s do some math, shall we?

1000 players * $10 = $10,000 prize pot


500 players * 20 = $10,000 prize pot (same, and also half as many players to worry about)

Now personally, I don’t think there would be that drastic of a dip in attendance for SFIV, so let’s just say…700 players show up for next year’s EVO with the increased $20 fee in mind…that’s still:

700 players * 20 = $14,000 prize pot (dramatic increase, yes?)

Again, there are two sides to the debate, and I am just swaying towards the money aspect that describes the how prestigious winning the SFIV tournament is.

Now I also understand the mentality about “it’s not about the money”, but when you see the high stakes involved, then it’s like poker in that sense…“put up or shut up” mentality…

…Just my 2 cents.

Thoughts? Criticisms? Is it even up for debate?


…I already pointed that out.:xeye:


I mean, Im all about supporting the Evo staff, but no. Besides the very top tier players, none of us are going to win Evo. Yes, that means you Xbox Live champion, and you local Gamestop tournament winner, you guys wont win Evo either, and neither will I.

So realistically, for 99% of players, I think the early bird special price is more than good enough. I’m all about helping out the Evo/SRK staff, believe me, but regardless, 98% of us KNOW we wont win, 1% of us is delusional and thinks they will win and dont stand a chance, and 1% of us actually has a chance at winning, or even placing top 3.

But that’s just my 2 cents :slight_smile:


This is my first EVO but this is how I kind of see it.

I agree with everything you said before in terms of there being less players for people to deal with, but at the same time, there could be more interest, but this is something else that I see that got left out.

Registering for Street Fighter 4 is basically $40/$60 (depending on when you registered and for what tournaments.

But with the 1000+ SF4 participants the prize pot it $10,000 and then EVO registration makes (and I’ll base it off of $40 to balance out the early and late registrants) $40,000

Now if its increased to $20 and only 500 people registered, sure the prize pot stays $10,000 but EVO only will receive $20,000 (and maybe even less if everyone pre-registers).

Personally, i’m going to interact with some of the top players in the US and world and just have fun, but I think that if its increased, less people will register for Street Fighter 4 and quite possibly for EVO because EVO is free to get into.


btw we want more people to play, so it will probably stay $10.

1040 entrants this year for sf4!



fuck increasing entrance fees



best of luck~!!! :party::party::party:


thank god for pre registration.