Should One button dash in MVC2 be banned from Evo?

let’s hear it and why…

in evo for marvel, because it is a console tourney, there’s a “loophole” that says all regular console rules apply, in marvel, you can change an assist button to lp+hp, therefore giving you a one button dash, but you lose the assist, some people are gdlk on pad with this special loophole, and i just wanted to make a thread to see the results…

as killakai said, if there are IN the game and people use that excuse, why ban evil ryu and riot iori in cvs2? if they are IN the game as well

No because EVO is a console tournament. Like every other game that’s on console you have the ability to practice and use console only advantages just like everyone else. I’m personally not a fan, but the rules are the rules, and this horse is dead. Close thread.

The fuck is a one button dash? and I thought guywongsta wasn’t even going anymore, aka, if you aren’t going to evo, you aren’t allowed to post in any evo threads, much less start a new one, much less start a new poll. Done.

If we don’t ban one button dash since it’s a console feature, can we unban Evil Ryu and Riot Iori in CvS2? (serious request).

I’m assuming this means programming an extra button to press lp + hp at the same time.

Yes, this should be banned for several reasons–there is skill involved with pressing lp+hp at the same time to yield a dash, and also, this gives the potential for extra active buttons to be used for mashing. not only that, but if this rule were the case, then it would have to be applied on all games-- zangief never missing a lariat in ST, players possibly mashing out of dizzy faster in any game, balrog would only have to hold one button as opposed to 3 to charge the rape move, etc.

just my two cents.

in evo for marvel, because it is a console tourney, there’s a “loophole” that says all regular console rules apply, in marvel, you can change an assist button to lp+hp, therefore giving you a one button dash, but you lose the assist, some people are gdlk on pad with this special loophole, and i just wanted to make a thread to see the results, no harm or hate here justin, i’m still not going to evo world, but i might be still going to evo west, so the rules can still apply…

No, for the following reasons:

  1. Not many will make use of this rule.

  2. This is available for everyone to use.

    Like guywongsta said it makes some(very few) people godlike but so does the characters one uses. For example people are known for their characters like Clockw0rk for his Strider, Illan for his Iron Man, Duc for his Spiral. If the characters are used correctly they will win. They are available to everybody but not a lot of people actually use these characters and get very far in a tournament. Just like very few can use the one button dash and get very far in a tourney.

    If you can make use of the rule then why not? Its fair game for everybody to use it just like it is for anybody to pick god tiers. Sure, just because you pick god tiers doesnt mean you will win all the time but it does make some people godlike like: Chunksta, Reset, Sanford, Soo, Justin Wong, Chris S, Finesse, Potter and a bunch of a other people. They got good with god characters thats make them good players because it gives them an advantage why is getting good with a button setting so different?

    Using the one button dash has its disadvantages too like no assist one( or two; Depends). I have also heard that the one button execution isnt always perfect(sometimes just the fierce comes out). Also no counter to assist one(or two; Depends). People need to practice with the one button dash to get good with it just as one needs to practice with a character to get good with that character.


true that, one button dashes are the bomb

when i use pad on DC it’s weird, i’m better with msp, but i use a different order, mps, cuz of the way the buttons are setup, my ironman is almost on par with illans ironman with the obd, and so is my ironman, but you can’t unfly with sentinel as easily because it requires the quickness of your whole hand with a stick as opposed to your thumb with the directionals, or the thumb joystick…

it’s a tossup lol

I think it should be banned. Arcade doesn’t have that. It spoils players.

If they allow one button dashes in MvC2 and one button RCs/FRCs in GG, they should go ahead and allow one button rolls in CvS2, one buttons throws in 3S/T5DR, etc.

Just my 2 cents.

lose an assist so i can dash with a button. pad players are fags.

+1 :rock:

Every year people post this. Evo is NOT AN ARCADE TOURNAMENT. It’s a console tournament. You need to get that through your heads. I argued against button mapping 2 years in a row and that’s the response I got, and it’s what you’ll get too. Everyone complained that it would make people gods, yet even though it was allowed (I’m pretty sure they allowed it) the results became the same. All it really does is swap the mid-tier players. None of the top players lose because of it. If you’re worried about losing to it either use it yourself or stop being mid-tier. Is it gay? Yeah, but that’s Evo’s stance on it and has been for some time. You’re not going to change it now without a good reason. There are more console players than arcade players at this point. To change the rule now would be unfair to them because they’ve been practicng with a certain set of rules in mind.

Edit: and it’s not a “loophole” it was done that way on purpose. If you think you’re the first person to “discover” this then you haven’t been paying attention.

Of course it needs to be bannned. Its a MACRO fopr gods sake. And Adam above keeps making stupid poiints. By his logic, Evo did on purpose the loophole that allowed 3 of the same character on the tourney at Evo 2k3 and 2k4(only 2 of the same were forbidden).

More than that, 3 of the same character (banned since 2k6) its IN the game, its really natural to console players, and it does not involve any MACROS. It would be stupid and hypocritical to allow one-button dashes and forbid 3 of the same character. Of course only people who have played fighting games in their lives understand this…

^^^ Thanks, that’s exactly my point

Why does this shit bother you?

Seriously, why is it anytime this issue is brought about it sounds less like trying to better the community and the players and more like whining, jealousy (from ‘ease of use’), and what not?

It’s not actually a problem. It’s not causing disruptions in the MvC2 community is it? It’s almost unheard of causing problems in CvS2. And in GG it’s just the same old run around anyway.

I’d really like to know why it BOTHERS some people so badly, I mean it’s like you take direct offense from it, and I can’t see the logic behind it either.

I’m not trying to start shit either because I’m actually a pad player and I don’t button map, but it still irks me why this is brought up year and year again like it’s a vendetta against the lesser group of players who choose to use it.

You sure sound upset about something you seem to know very little about.

Something like 90% of Magneto’s gameplay revolves around dashes, whether they be ground dashes for resets, wave dashes, air dashes for triangle jumps, etc. When you macro a button to dash for you, your execution doesn’t have to be nearly as good. Take for example this one reset setup [you’re not going to understand this completely, but bear wtih me]:

  • Get the opponent in a ROM infinite [requires an air dash]
  • Land, dash underneath [requires a ground dash]
  • Triangle jump from behind [requires an air dash]

This sequence alone becomes much easier because of the one button dash.

And the argument “its in the game, it should be allowed” is pretty poor. King of Fighters 98’ for Playstation had special moves mapped to L2/R2 [or the other shoulder buttons, I don’t remember] and as mentioned earlier, you can pick 3 of the same character in mvc2. Boss characters are banned, as are EX Grooves.

Anyway, one button dashes seem a bit silly to me, but whatever. I’ll be at Evo either way :smiley:

Lets be real the only people that will use 1 button dash are msp players that are randomly trying to get top 8. Let skill determine a match not some dumb fuck who cant press 2 buttons at the same time…:bluu:

you guys are forgetting to use one button dash you have to give up another button a assist rh hp something has to go to accomodate one button dash, also its not consistent you wont always get dash