Should single time use V-triggers be used in combos?


I know that it is a general question but i would like to question the benefits and drawbacks of each of it. I will be using Mika’s V-Trigger (single use) and Laura’s V-trigger (powerup) as samples for this comparison.

First of all, the V-trigger is supposed to be the comeback mechanic of SF5. I think it is pretty obvious that the characters are balanced around them, some of them have clearly better one than others. I think we need to take a look at the ways to activate and the benefits of each type.

**1- Poke/string xx VTC into Combo **

This is by far the most common way people activate their V-triggers, in that sense i find powerup V-triggers to be tremendously more powerful than single time use ones. I will say that the benefits of the single time use triggers doesn’t really shine in this scenario.

Let us say that Mika did a cr.MK xx VTC , EX peach,etc,etc. In this context Mika used her V-trigger to get a combo and an advantageous position from a poke but the issue is that she pretty much wasted her trigger just on that, on the other hand Laura can do st.MK xx VTC and get a relatively as damaging combo and still have the benefits of her V-trigger left. She still gets the +30 damage on her throws,etc,etc

Now in this context, you can see that Laura’s V-trigger is almost objectively better. Both characters get the same initial benefit but she get to keep some juice while Mika totally wasted her entire load on that one conversion.

**2- Using V-trigger to impose the mixup or force a better neutral position.
I think this the other way of doing it, let us say that Mika has a V-trigger. In this case, she can legit be harder to zone because at-least the threat of the V-trigger alone might make the opponent hesitant to throw a fireball and the same can be said about Nash for example. I feel like this is a very strong use of the V-trigger.

What do you guys think on this, is it worth spending that juice to get that extra damage or positioning ?

This is all theoretical of-course, i understand there is no " correct " or "wrong " way. I am just wondering what is the more valuable use of it.