Should Skrull be anchor only?



I like playing him 2nd but it seems to be best used 3rd =/ thoughts?


I think it’s silly how many people play him anchor. He’s designed to be a point character from what I can tell because he has trouble opening people up, he has very few safe moves, he’s not particularly fast, and his assists are not particularly strong not to mention their are far better XF anchors. I play him on point with Task and Felicia behind him Both assists help him, particularly Felicia because she can create unblockables.


He shouldnt be played ONLY as anchor… that’s silly. He’s good anywhere, but i believe that after a while anchor skrull loses his effectiveness cus he has a lot of shenanigans and ppl will catch on eventually (or snap him in). I believe he is best first or 2nd. with 2 assists he is beastly. and with an assist and xf2 he is just as good. plus his 1 million health means hell survive the first touch in a match.

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Imo srkull 2nd is his best place , while it is true that he can do allot of damage in xfc3 I don’t like his weaker match ups with out assists IE Ironman or Magneto. If either of them have skrull with out XF he is a dead man er skrull

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If you can’t play him save X-Factor meteor smash -> inferno then yes, play him as anchor.

But really, just pick up Vergil to get your derp derp X-F3 on. Skrull is more than viable as a point character with the right assists to back him up.


I play him on point because I back him up with Frank’s shopping cart and either a one meteor drop or 2 meters = level 4/5 Frank.

I personally don’t feel like Skrull is that good as anchor (yeah he’s a bit of a loose cannon) but he has a hard time opening people up who know him decently.


I play a team of Skrull/Sentinel/X-23. Drones obviously help Skrull out to make moves safe and get some decent confirms, and as well as that I can get a great combo extension off them too. I have Ankle Slice assist for X-23, a decent OTG as well as a low to create unblockables when given the chance.

I feel Skrull is definitely better with an assist or another character at his side, just like all characters in this game.


Skrull with sent or doom imo is the best he can get he needs people in that perfect spot just so he can get his shit going


The way your team’s structured should help you decide between point and second for skrull. It’s really about preference from there. I just don’t think he’s right as an anchor.


Task Skrul doom lol


I honestly believe that Super-Skrull is a very capable anchor. Also, he’s still far and away my best character: I still feel like I stand a chance at winning matches if I only have Skrull left, more so than every other character in the game, so that probably sways my opinion. I like to think my current team is relatively flexible enough to switch around orders as necessary for health recovery though, so I generally get to play more team Skrull than solo. Depending on the team, though, I think Skrull can be put in whatever position he’s best suited for.


How are you leveling Frank to level 4 off of a meteor smash? I’m very intrigued.


Not off a meteor smash, off a meteor **drop. (Down H) **Meteor drop > tac, meteor drop > dhc into frank after 45 hits and recall skrull as tenderizer assist for level 5.


Your description is unhelpful. He cannot TAC directly from the d.H.