Should SRK collectively team H&H mode to get rare cards?

Dont take this thread too serious I was just curious about something.

Since the winning “team” will get the better cards each week, do you think it would be possible for SRK players that game online to collectively choose a side and increases the liklihood of being the winning team for that week?

Now thats not to say SRK is full of godlike players, but the amount of SRK players that are good to the amount of players who play online that have never heard of SRK is lopsided.

Something like “all SRK players for the week of xxx play HERALD”

Would it work?

Thats what were doing in the War room! And its totally going to be fun.
Also I think most SRK players hold their own online so this’ll be a cake walk.

Yeah I know I made a new thread but I didnt want the idea to get swept under the rug after a few posts. So is all of SRK on board for this and will it be the same team for each system each week?

I just wanted to know what was going on.

Must have Fin Fang Foom card.

There’s already an active thread dedicated to this.