Should Street Fighter 4 be 3D or 2D?

I truly believe its time to go 3D. As long as Capcom can do it right and so it wouldn’t seem like another EX game. The characters should not be 3D representations of the 2D versions either like KOF:MI and SFEX were guilty of. I want them to have as many standard techniques as a Tekken or Virtua Fighter character is capable of.

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why it have to be 3d and play like VF or Tekken when the games are already good as it is…

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^ I second that. We get spanking new, original threads, such as this one, like every day.

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They should just make a street fighter ex 4 then, fuck that street fighter stays in 2D. SF4 stays old school.

2D. It will suck if it goes 3D.

They should make it whatever Viewtiful Joe is and keep it on a 2D plane.

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What Street Fighter 4?..

dont ever say street fighter should be 3d ever again

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yeah been done to death. imo its simply 2D and 3D are very different games. Personally i hate 3D and think its sucks ass and absolutely love 2D (long as SNK didnt make it). If it goes 3D its effectively wont be SF anymore. I dont think SF4 will get made though. Seems very unlikely to me.

Roll on (decent) 2D fighters is all i can say

it doesn’t matter what SF4’s style is, just so long as it’s fucking NEW… 2D, 3D, I don’t really give a shit – just put some goddamn effort into making it.

edit: / – I wouldn’t put it past fiction, but still gotta let these people hope for something new on the SF scene.

But is SF 4 coming out or is some type of fiction?


But have you people played MMX8? it plays like a 2D with 3D graphics. And does a job as good as PS2Contra in keeping a good hit-detection and fast-paced gameplay. Unlike many 3D games I play I don’t feel out of place playing MMX8.