Should Street Fighter IV be used as a template for future fighters?


Just a some questions going out to SF/fighting fans… would you like to see future capcom fighters based on a SF4 template or would you like to see a return to true 2d?

Would the hype be as much if SF4 was in 2d? and would it be more of a success financial wise?


2.5D is fine, but I wouldn’t want to see SF4 used as a template for future fighters because it doesn’t feel anywhere near as responsive or fluid as any previous Capcom fighter. Not to say it isn’t fun, but it seems like long-term it’ll have more value as a learning experience for the developers than as a competitive game to the scene.


There’s too much focus on fluidity of animation it seems. That and there’s a lot of things that have made the game feel like it’s been all planned out and there’s not really very many ways to innovate with a lot of the characters. I know people hate 3S, but aside from parrying, there are still things people figure out about the game due to the tools each character possess, the juggling system and how much freedom as a whole you felt you had when you played. This feels a bit more formulaic and if anything feels like a simpler version of ST with harder execution if you want to really get good.


I probably wouldn’t mind, I also wouldn’t mind another 2d Street Fighter, so whatever really.



> Just a some questions going out to SF/fighting fans… would you like to see future capcom fighters based on a SF4 template or would you like to see a return to true 2d?

This is a moot point. There will never be another full-scale sprite-based 2D fighter from Capcom. Lock thread.


Well KoF XII will be a 2d HD game and I’m sure it will see some success; though I doubt it will do as well as SFIV.

HDR proved that people are willing to pay for high definition 2d games; Capcom has a few cash cows in that all it has to do is license out games like CvS2 to third party developers to port for Xbox Live/PSN, and they can collect a pretty decent paycheck.

The bottom line is really about profits. If Capcom feels that 2d games will make them more profit, they will do it. I agree that they will probably not make one from scratch, but since they already have a few from their past that they could license out for download, there is little reason for them not to do that since those games are no longer in production and are not making them any money at this point.



> HDR proved that people are willing to pay for high definition 2d games

HRD proved that people were willing to pay $15 for a HD 2D game. Had Capcom tried to release that at $60, it would have bombed hard.

Also, I don’t think the OP was talking about licensing or re-releasing old games. He was talking about “SFIV as a template for future fighters”, i.e. new. And in that regard, yes, SFIv will be a template, inasmuch as there will never be another full-size 2D sprite fighter from Capcom. Not unless they make it for PSP or DS or something…


How about Rival Schools?


When Blazblue is released for consoles we’re just going to have to see how that works out. Not to say I disagree with you, because it’s quite the opposite. Still, I don’t think anyone has really seen an HD 2d Sprite based game like the new KOF and Blazblue.

With Street Fighter IV bringing new blood into the fighting mix, the releases of these games might have more buyers than one could anticipate based solely on past data. SF4 has caused this genre audience to expand a bit.


Personally I think it was more that people were willing to pay $15 for Street Fighter.


True… loyalty to a brand name / nostalga can lead to big sales. Btw does anyone have the stats on 2k9 members and if they are old school fans or casual gamers? A trend could tell alot.


To answer the original question: God no.


Fuck no. Please lose the clunky 3d models. I’m willing to wait an extra couple of years of development for hand drawn 2d.


I think 2d/3d is a competent substitute for hand drawn 2D art. With more realistical 3D models and better shading, this new art style has a lot of potential.


i dont think the 3d models are the reason it feels a little clunky


IV is just as “fluid” as any previous SF title. All of your eyes deceive the shit out of you, since there’s an auto bias in your brains on how fast the gameplay is based on the look of the game.

I.e. When you see 3D models, you automatically view them as slower than that of the same animations seen in 2D form.

EX was viewed the same way, but various people (here) proved EX’s movements were pretty much identical, if not faster in most cases.

Stop the fucking madness.

EDIT: If the game is any “slower” than one of your personal SF entries (because you know, the game has to be faster than Marvel vs Capcom 2 lulz), it’s because Ono wanted it like that. It has nothing in any way to do with the visual choice (3D graphics) chosen for the game. TvC, a fucking fast 2D playing, but 3D modeled game is a prime example of this, and guess what, same company behind both.

So seriously, stop the madness.


re you feeling alright, how is this game even remotly as fluid as 3s or CVS2?


Listen Embryo, I’ve wasted quite enough time with you in the Smash threads last year already. Let what I said sink in, do the research for yourself, and be on your way.

Thank you.


Double post.


If anything, SF4 is following the template created by Sega and Namco created a decade and a half ago with Virtua Fighter and Tekken. Capcom’s late to the 3D party.

I doubt Capcom will create another 2D game. 3D’s the standard and it’s easier to work with. You create a model, animate it using preset algorithms and let the lighting fill in the details that used to be drawn by hand. Why go through the trouble of creating hundreds or thousands of frames of animation when you can make a couple dozen models and let the 3D engine do the rest?

I’ve lamented the loss of hand-drawn sprites since the days of the Saturn and PlayStation, but I can’t deny reality. Most people prefer 3D.