Should the Elisabeth (Elizabeth) team return in the next King of Fighters installment?


I am still a newbie to this forum but I have been acquainted with the King of Fighters series since when it came out on GameBoy and I recently went back to playing it on steam, I am now actually wondering should the Elisabeth team return in the next installment of the King of Fighters?


Elisabeth, Duo Lon, Shen woo? All great characters, so I don’t see why not.




I’ll have to say maybe.


Yes, they’re great. Bring back Adelheid too.


Elisabeth is my favorite KOF character so I’m disappointed that she didn’t make it. If that leaked DLC list is true then she’s not coming back anytime soon either.


Momoko, and above all Oswald and Adelheid would make me so very happy.


I think the next time it will be Ash, Elisabeth and Shen.


I would definitely love to see Elisabeth and Duo Lon.
Adelheid is also not a bad choice either.


I would enjoy any of the Ash/Falcoon saga characters returning. Oswald and Adelheid being my favorite but all of them having appeal.


I definitely want Elizabeth in KOF 15. Based on what happened in Official Invitation Team ending. I expect a team consisting of Elizabeth, Kukri, and Duo Lon in KOF 15


Adelheid should join the Special Invitation Team.


Adelheid and Oswald, perhaps Duolon, burn the rest.


I don’t think Kukri will join Elisabeth’s team, the ending implies she simply paid Kukri for a job and he’s even reluctant to work with her.

And I wouldn’t see Duolon and Kukri teaming up, from the character perspective it would be redundant since the teams should have a little more variety and both fall in the “goth-like mysterious supernatural dude” trope.

I think the team would be Elisabeth - Ash - Shen.