Should the next SF have stun bars?

Mi opinion is yes, there should be a display that allowed us to know how much stun we have suffered/inflicted.

it would promote changing tactics (be more agressive if your opponent stun bar is almost filled, or more cautious if you watch your stun bar close to get filled).

what do you think?

EDIT: to avoid confusion about what im talking about, you can watch an example here done by Dysan_ (props to you mate, the pic is awesome!):

I’m 50/50 on the idea of a stun bar.

i think it should.

Yes. I was actually surprised to see SF4 didn’t feature these. Why go back on such a useful feature?

i dont think its necessary. know your character, and know your opponent.

if you get hit a lot, start blocking and back dashing

I think they wanted the minimum amount of bars as to not overwhelm new players.
When I first played BlazBlue I was overwhelmed a bit.

im with you i never start blocking and running away until i get hit a lot

i don’t think its necessary - the stun mechanism is pretty simple. get hit enough times in a row and you’ll get stunned.

its so straight forward that adding a bar to show stun meter would just be redundant.

if your blocking your stun count doesnt go away. only goes away after not being hit at all for like 3 or 4 seconds. i said there shouldnt be a stun bar. this game already gives enough advantage to the person losing.

wut? Yes because you know how much each attack does stun wise.
I say add it. loved it in 3rd strike.

i dont think so, not because it wouldnt help me. but rather becaues a health bar, an EX bar, an ultra bar, and on top of that a stun bar, too clutered for my taste. not to mention it would get new players confused to no end. but thats just me.

Rofl :rofl:

I was thinking the same thing.

yeah i know exactly how much stun balrog’s combos do…any good player will know the stun properties of his main character’s attacks.

A stun bar would be a complete waste of space

Lets have dmg number poping from your opponent every time you do dmg on him to.

/Sarcasm off

play WoW much?!


nah I try to block anyway and it does give the game an extra element of surprise.

Besides many onscreen bars makes a game unfriendly to newcomers. Keep it simple :slight_smile:

for those who actually need to know when the stun is coming, smartasses. point being you dont need a damned meter, if you notice yourself taking a bunch of hits, you need to take extra defensive measures.

obviously you dont know how to block or back dash if you need a meter to tell you you are about to be dizzy

I dunno about a stun bar (it WOULD work), however something simpler would work just as well. All you need to do is make the health bar flash red or whatever if you’re getting close to stun.

I would not be in favor of stun bars. However, I do think that the character portrait near the lifebars should show emotion to being close to dizzy.

Wait I was thinking of guard bar. But yeah I’m indifferent on stun bars. Having It won’t really hurt anything although it might change the flow of the match a bit.