Should the Rival Schools comic be in canon with the Street Fighter comic?

Okay, I do understand that Rival Schools has a completely different set of characters. But I’m hoping Sakura and possibly Karin will make appearances.

I know that events in the Rival Schools comic will stay away from the Street Fighter events, but I would like to see nods that the comic does exist in the same universe and at the same time as Udon’s Street Fighter comic. They wouldn’t be large references to the Street Fighter comic but contradictions could be avoided.

I’d like references such as Gan saying how he idolises E. Honda or Hinata wondering when Sakura will get back from her training with Ryu.

Id like it to be in the same universe, they are after all in the same universe when it comes to the games.

Also Im pretty sure I remember reading that Sakura and Karin will be in the comic, even though they dont fit with the timeline (of the RS game) but it dosnt matter since the SF timeline in the comics started in modern day as opposed to the 80s when where the series timeline started.

For anyone who dosnt/didnt know, the last SF game (Third Strike) takes place in 1998, and the first RS game (Evolution 1) takes place in 1999.

Rival School can fit in with Street Fighter alright, but i dont care much, because im looking forward to seening Ran:pleased:

gan rocks !!

i want daigo into sf action !

I doubt youll see any crossovers between the two (or three UDON/Capcom) comics.

Sakura and Karin will no doubt only be cameo characters in the RS comic, and the only other actual SF char I could see showing up to make a cameo appearence is Ryu, because of his connection to Sakura (he did have a cool cameo at the end of the Sakura Ganbaru manga)

Wasn’t Sakura in first game, and isn’t she friends with Hinata?

Not trying to rain on the parade here, but…
I haven’t seen any ads or heard any talk about Rival Schools’ actually happening. The last I heard it was on the edge of being nixed.

If it is still happening I can only assume they pushed it back, possibly for a San Diego Con premiere?

Maybe Erik can clear this up.

She was in the first game, then made a guest appearence in RS Evolution 2, but by Project Justice she was removed from the RS games and RS canon.

The creator of RS didnt want her in the games (but Capcom did) but he eventually got his way. He didnt want RS to seem like it couldnt exist or go on if SF wasnt a part of it, but he had no problem having the game take place in the same universe as SF (just as long as no SF chars were in the game)

Well I hope that they cross over too.

I’m interested on how the comic will handle it.

How about Ran Hibiki and Dan Hibiki? And then Udon will get shot! Oo

Dan is actually the only other SF char (aside from Ryu) I could see crossing over, as for one he might be related to Ran, and two I could see asking Sakura to tell all the high school kids intrested in learning Martial Arts about his dojo. After all the Taiyo students are required to learn a martial art.

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You, my friend, obviously did not get the whole point of my latter sentence in my post there.

Wow O_o this I gotta seee…

Noob question though is the comic out yet?

I haven’t heard anything official, but I don’t think the RS comic is going to come out either. I get Previews magazine and there used to be ads for the RS comic, but I haven’t seen one in several months. This is extremely dissapointing as I would have preferred a RS comic to a Darkstalkers one, although it’s awesome as well. Rival Schools never got the respect it deserves IMO.

If this is the case then that means that the Capcom Summer Special 2004 is the only existing RS comic so to speak as it contains a short from each of the Udon comics, and yes, it does tie in Sakura. This is probably old news by now, but I saw no mention of it in this thread so I figured I’d add my $.02