Should there be an EVO2k10 DVD?


So last year for the people that missed the stream or didnt have access to IGN insider missed out. So all they had to watch were crappy youtube vids since a DVD wasn’t released. So should a DVD be released this year?


I’d like to see another DVD, preferably following the style of EVO2K7 with the player profiles and custom intro music.


I’d much prefer have a physical dvd.


2K9 was the first time I went to EVO. And I would’ve love to have a physical dvd to remember the trip by. But alas it was only gonna be available through a IGN internet membership stream.

I also loved “seth cam” from evo 2k4, more stuff like that would be awesome to include on the dvd!


I also preferred the DVD format.


nope, in this day and age I don’t understand why someone wants a physical dvd. I guess for memories? Grab the files off IGN and burn them yourself. I hate having to order the dvd and wait for it to come around. This way was cheaper and a lot faster. I don’t see the down fall too it.

Either one works, but I’d say having the footage on a pay site is better and faster.


i would rather give my money to zachd then ign and let him host on his site.


I would have to agree with an actual physical DVD. IGN doesn’t know how to host the videos properly and it’s just that much better when you have a physical copy of something. If people are willing to pay for it, than by all means it should be looked at. I’ve ordered every single EVO DVD since the first one. I didn’t even bother with last years.


Everything in this post applies to me. If I were to type up a response to this (I voted HELL YES) it pretty much would sound exactly like this.



How unpeasable would it be to do the online route again, but if you get a minimum of orders for a DVD to do a run? I know DVDs aren’t easy to make but if you have a set number to meet before saying you’d make one and it’s met would that be ok? I too prefer DVD format.


Why not have a digital DVD that you can download, like an ISO image file. Didn’t they do that for 2k5?


I know that you can download previous DVDs in ISO format [if you’re a premium member], but I’m not sure if 2k5 was released originally as a download.

I’m down w/ digital downloading [whether it be ISOs or standard video files], but I prefer the YouTube option [convenience]. As long as they’re of high quality [720p], it’s all good.


I know creating a DVD is hard work, and it takes a lot of time, but you can also outsource the creation. Hell, I’ve made several DVD’s in the past and am willing to put it together for you if all the raw footage is provided and a design template.


This might be possible as Adobe has released CS5, which has Encore.


A pre-order thread like the hockey jersey could be used to gauge interest.


I want dvds.


Can we have DVDs but digitally distributed? I’m sure there is a way…


The IGN deal from last year would have been great if there was any real semblance of organization to it. If they (or whoever Evo staff would get to handle it this year if they still want to do it) could just have things in a coherent structure where everything they have could be easily found and downloaded, I’d have no problems with it. But I pretty much gave up on IGN after they dropped the ball time and time again with getting matches up, organizing things properly, misnaming sides, etc.

I like the idea behind online distribution, but last year’s implementation was terrible. If that can be for sure improved upon, I’m all for it. Otherwise, just give me DVDs.


dvd please


DVD would be nice. But since I live far away, I’d prefer the downloadable iso to burn yourself as someone suggested. Paid for of course.
IGN was such a mess, there wasn’t any way to just download it all as far as I found. So I ended up only getting like 50% of the material, simply because getting it all and ordering properly was way to much work.