Should there be G4 coverage of the tournament?

I was just wondering this after reading a certain thread, but here goes: Do any of you think that G4 should cover one of the largest tournaments in the world besides the Madden Challenge? No offence, but Madden sucks, and I LIKE IT!!!

Obviously the only way they can cover such an event is to make fun of it from every generic angle possible. So… I vote no.

It’s fine if they cover more than just the 3-D fighters.

^Agreed :wgrin:

does anyone see current tv? anyone that goes to evo can produce their own coverage and current tv will play it on air

G4 shows awards for video game characters. cheats and strats for FPS, Sports and Platforms. Having G4 at the next evo doesn’t really appeal to me unless they req’d to come. I hope that the cannons keep this on the low as long as possible until they get the reconization they deserve. This is all my own opinion!!!

Putting the emotions aside thinking all business like. It would be benifitial to the FGC (fighting game community) to have g4 there for the media exposer. A one hour segment of coverage (minimum) would be great. Who knows if the right people are interviewed the arcades might see a resurgance from the stay at home couch potato internet gamers. Inspired to frequant their local arcades. Meeting face to face as opposed to a console chat room. 

That’s the most i’ve said in awhile… Let the flameing Begin…

I’d like for them to come, butt the direction they’re heading isn’t looking good.

Agreed. After the pathetic job that they did last time, it shows that they took the entire event as a joke. It was disrespectful at best and belittled all the people that put a lot of hard work into EVO. They should not be given another chance to ever cover such a huge event ever again.

I voted yes.

exactly how did g4 fuck up last time?

Beyond only focusing on 3D fighters, they spent a lot of time saying how the players dressed poorly and had someone point out all the flaws of how people were dressing or something.

that was gsn not g4

Ooh, my bad. Then yes, I think they should go as long as they show us proper respect.

G4 was there in 04, too, weren’t they?. I remember signing the waver.

wats gsn?

Its a TV channel that you probably don’t get unless you have digital cable or sattelite. It basically has a bunch of reruns of old game shows like Family Fued but it occasionally puts stuff on about video games…I think. Anyways, its a way for people at SRK to get on the TV. “HEY MOM! LOOK, IM ON THE TV!”

Game Show Network

There should definatly be g4 coverage for evo this year, as long as they show the 2d fighters. Hell they always show all the wack ass main streem halo bull shit, they should show some of the more hardcore gamer events.

Such a thing would be a double edged sword. On the one hand any publicity for the fighting game communitity would be publicity for the fighting game community.
It will show not only that there ARE people playing these games, but potentially that these people are normal, sane and sociable people who like to have a good time like non gamers.

On the other hand G4 is NOTORIOUS for dorki-fying the gaming industry making it seem as if gamers are, in fact, pathetic, pasty-faced, skiny nerds with chronic acne and a nervous nasal drippage. And even if they dont find as many of those people as they would like to propogate the sterotype, they have vast editing resources and very annoying hosts (even the female hosts irritate me- SARAH!) to bring out the worst in people.

Even to interview a Japanese player with his girlfriend and an American PLAYER translating was too hard for them, even though it would have been constructive to building an interest since im sure any intelligent person would at least be intrigued by the prospect of playing people from other countries. No talk about the Australian players, the Euro players, the Korean players. I mean COME ON! (I am refering to Evo 04, since I did not attend the last but will attend the next).

My answer is, a reluctant, “Yes”.

yes but they better not fuck up my awsome interview like last time!!! or… was that gsn? I dont know shrug…

EDITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT:::::::or oh well guess it was GSN… Fuck it… still better keep all of my interview if someone ever does it again.