Should top players get bye's in tourneys?

say 26 people show, u make a 32 man bracket. should the 6 best players be given byes and separated or random 6 people?

I’ve seen this thread before, but I’ll let this one live a little before I rape it. You got 12 hours.

Top players should get the byes, but only if you can get the right definition of them.
If you can’t clearly dictate who deserves the bye, let it be random OR make some quick 1-match pools -every round counts as a point- just to decide it (need for 6 byes? make 6 pools, 4 with 4 people and 2 with 5 people. No one gets knocked out, but the first out of each pool gets the bye (and the 2nd place players won’t play each other from the start). This is the fairest way imho, but it takes extra time of course (not too much, round robin 1 match small pools are quick)

No they souldn’t get a by…it would be too funny to see them get raped/owned/pawned you name it by a totally unknown person. You never know…dreams do come true…LOL

No, I think it’s unfair. If you’re a top player you shouldn’t need a by anyway.

No! No bye’s!

Lets let “IHaveNeverPlacedHigherThanLast” play “Justin Wong” first match and hope god is on his side.

if top players dont get byes, they might face other top players first match.

if byes are random, should top players be seated then? or should that also be random?

If you have seeds, give the top 4 byes then randomize the rest. They should be rewarded for consistency. Otherwise, byes should be assigned as randomly as possible.

That’s a problem with seeding, not byes. Even if they do get byes, bad seeding could mean they face each other in the second round as well.

The “top players might run into each other early” concept is horse$hit IMO. Personally I’m more concerned about 2 people from the same town having to play each other early. Seriously. It isn’t supposed to be about making sure some ‘good player’ had an easy road.

Sometimes bracket runners are too accomodating (especially for the best players in the bracket), and it ends up being unfair on some level.

People often give me byes in tournaments, mostly because they know I’m swimming upstream with a Team Steroid-esque squad & they feel like they’re doing me a solid I believe. I guess it is… if you care about being t-17 instead of t-25 or whatever. But you have to sit around forever for your first match, and might not play your next one for another forever, so that kinda sucks. Byes aren’t all that. Besides, like somebody said… let Joe Lastplace play Justin Wong, it would be memorable and exciting which is mostly what Joe Lastplace came out for to start with, it wasn’t really to get 1st place like he knows he never would.

In a way this is a bye with this kind of suggestion. They idea is VERY sketchy and thought about it in like 2 sec.

I think for giant tournaments instead of a bye system maybe they should have rounds were non-top players compete for spots to play against top players in a seperate bracket.


400 people show up for lets say mvc2, sort out all the top players and then let the top players from the other bracket and fill the spots for the rest.Let the weaker players compete for spots to play the top players.

This would leave the best competition around longer and will avoid having people just running through most of their bracket running into fish. It can also be an incentive to strive well to get the right to play " the best" and become good enough yourself that your exempt from being eliminated early on.

JUST a random thought…

It’s a time thing. That would take way too long. Especially for a giant tourney, like the idea is supposed to be for.

Otherwise why not just do round-robin? Plenty of matches for entrants, most accurate results… but again, who has 3 days to do it?

they should be seated not get a bye
and yes people from the same town playing each other early on is gay
at evo me and 2 other people from my room were in the same mvc2 pool

No, if a person is a top player, giving them an easier road than most to the end will only help DVD sales.

Otherwise I much rather they get seeded and wade through it like everyone else, if they lose to some nobody, than good for nobody. I mean these people didn’t need byes back when they were starting to get their games together, now that they’ve got 'em, why give them byes too?

That’s me! lol.

Jugg i hear what you’re saying…but to me (again this is my opinion)tourney’s are like lotto…you’re taking a chance…Now if you travel with someone and you end up having to face that person early on…Fuck it dog this is war…this is competition i gotta do what i gotta do to make sure i get in that ‘W’ on my side and I don’t think a top tier person should get a bye because what if you (not you personally) haven’t played against this cat and he’s just as good or even better than J.wong?..and show us some new shit? why short change that guy who paid his money like everyone else to face a top tier person? this not an attack on you Jugg i’m just using you as an example…

if u got balls to not take a bye and play against a top player, i would/did that…it’s actually more fun, but if u guys just wanna play to win, then ur just scrubs

From someone who’s run a whole lot of tournaments.

The top few players should always be seeded and byes given to the top seeds. This benefits the others more than it benefits the person given a bye. Everyone else will get at least one round in before they get beat down. It helps everyone get their money’s worth.

A lot of people don’t want to accept it, but unless the skill disparity is really large, you can construct brackets that are almost impossible to get out of. If you get a bad draw, you’re probably going to lose. That’s just the way it is. Having weighted seeding and any necessary byes filled in on a top to bottom basis simply makes things as fair as possible. It keeps death brackets from forming and keeps results from forming. In addition it keeps the top few seeds out of everyone else’s hair for the first round. Everyone wins here, why mess with what works?

–Jay Snyder

What happens in the first or second round of tournaments donesn’t mean shit. Hell anything that happens befor the semis don’t mean anything. All that is is to clean out the scrubs so the real comp can start.

A top player or anyone who’s considered good wouldn’t go 2 and out so seeding them or not doesn’t even matter, even if they lost one match to a random scrub, he would just have to rape the losers bracket.

Now for the unlucky scrub who faces a top player first or second round it might matter because that scrub may have wanted to place higher than 65th this tournament.

If two pros meet up during the first/second round it will be random and the only good it would do is give people something to watch before the semis other than that noone would even care.

Point is Seed or no seed the pros will come out on top. The only other factor weather the scrub gets 45th or 63rd.

Hey, it’s cool; I didn’t see anything in there offensive towards me at all.

And yeah, on paper it’s do-or-die whether it’s your hometown friend or not, but I think that’s the one thing that people who roll out for tournies hate to see the most. It negates most of the point of even rolling out to begin with. And I’m for seeding, I’m not saying top players head to head 1st round = a good thing, but sometimes the floating and bracket manipulation starts getting a little far from “let the chips fall where they may”.

That’s all I’m saying. I can empathize with all your points, though.

point made :clap: hope to see yu at FR9 next year.