Should Tournaments Allow Character Switching?

In typical American SF tournaments there seems to be one factor that diverges, and I can’t tell why: whether a person has to select one character for the duration of the tournament, or whether a person can select any character on a per match basis. In the latter situation, counter-picking is ruled out through double-blind character selections.

Are there any reasons for supporting either of these alternatives? I do not get the chance to visit many “real-life” tournaments and mainly play on 2df and GGPO and usually characters must be chosen beforehand and stuck with throughout the tournament. (This might be because double-blind character picking is tougher online, or it could just be inertia.)

Each seems to have its ups and downs but there doesn’t appear to be a clear cut majority leaning one way or another as to preference - or perhaps I am mistaken on reading the scene. That said, do you think tournaments ought to make a player keep to his 1 character, or allow character switching throughout?

Note: my focus is on 3s here, but ideas pertaining to any SF game are welcome.

Fuck no.

Not sure how to interpret that response (there were a lot of questions in my OP) - is that a “no” indicating that you don’t think switching should be allowed?

The usual rule is:
Winner must keep same character but can change super art. Loser can pick a new character. This is how the arcade version works.

If you lose a match in a set you can switch your character. If you win you can’t. However next set you do you can use a new character, but if you win you have to keep it till you lose in that set.

idk about everyone else but here counter picking isn’t that prevalent so character switching hasn’t been a problem, most people just play more than one character. i mean i have an akuma av right now but i don’t even play him seriously hes just a fuck around character.

Only pussies switch their characters in a tournament. So what if I lose, I learn, and step up my game…

no…if it was acceptable…then it would also be acceptable to switch your wife, if you cant switch your wife, you cant switch your character.

Who cares? Let people who want to switch, switch.

If you beat someone, then they switch chars and you can’t beat that character, that just means you need to play more.

Some people like to purposefully pick their secondary char, and switch to their primary char if they’re pushed. That’s fine.

3rd strike tournaments should all be ken mirrors.

You da man!