Should we be supportive?


Or should we be laughing? God… I couldn’t help but laugh tbh. I do love the fact that these guys are willing to give their all to making a new fighting game.

I’m supportive of any indie project.

I came across this video on accident. I was watching “TEDtalks; Reggie Watts” on youtube and read a comment on someone saying he knew the guy (he was pretty amazing), so I was intrigued. I clicked on his screen name (I’m not a stalker) and found that he commented on this video.


I started smoking my cigarette then, so my focus turned astray. What do you guys think of this? Should this be something we should comment on? Should we even care?

I for one don’t care much about the character design, but they say it’s nowhere near its final product. You can’t always judge a game by its design? I’m biting my lip right now. ROFL.

Seriously though. wtf is this? I wonder if this can turn into something great if the community supports it.



In development for 6 years, and it all looks like shit.


I want this thread to be moved to FG discussion, the true lulz will begin.


As somebody who lost their arms in a motorcycle accident and replaced them with living fire I find that video very offensive.


His super power is making arms out of water?


Please tell me this is a joke…