Should We Be Voting For Older or Newer Characters For UMVC3 DLC?

READ THIS FIRST: Due to my inexperience of how to make Threads, I made a mistake in the above poll that I cannont change. To clarify, Yes means that you want to see more Old Characters as DLC rather then New, No means you want more New Characters instead of Old

This is a question I’ve always asked myself whenever I see DLC lists, because to me it’s a legitimate one. Should we as a community cling to older characters and ask for their inclusion into a newer generation of fighting games, or should we hold our nostalgia back, and give newer series and characters a shot at something they may never get to have?

To those who dont know what series or characters I’m talking about, I’ll post these images of 5 character that are from older series and games that have already been in a VS game that many people are requesting be included in UMVC3, and 5 characters that have not been in a VS game and are for the Most Part in a newer generation of gaming, ones that some people have been expressing intrest in having a UMVC3 inclusion.

Nostalgia Trip!

Captain Commando(from Captain Commando):

Psylocke(from Xmen):

Jin Saotome(from Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness):

Venom(from Spider-Man):

Gambit(from Xmen):

Here Comes a New Challenger!

Gene(from Godhand):

Asura(from Asura’s Wrath):

Jedah(from Darkstalkers 3):

Carnage(From Spider-Man):

Ms.Marvel(from Marvel Superheroes #13)


With your choice above, vote on what you think should be the right way to go, and comment on this Thread if there are Characters you think should have a chance at new life in UMVC3, old or new


Yes, I did not include megaman in Classic characters. My reason was because Alot of fans do not want Classic Megaman in UMVC3, instead opting for Megaman X or EXE, and Almost everyone who comments on SRK knows who Megaman is. However, because Megaman Has been in a VS game, I did not want to put another version of megaman in the new character list, because everyone wants megaman and I’d rather show characters that might never get a UMVC3 debut(Unlike Megaman who to most fans Will be in UMVC3 as DLC no matter what)

I think with older characters, the developers already have a foundation or blueprint of what the character could bring to the game. Also i think for dlc, older characters would sell well, because people would be familiar with them already and nostalgia sells.

Not that I care for these polls, but just the way the question is set up is logistically confusing. If I answer “yes”, then I’m saying I want old characters, AND I want new characters. If I answer “no”, I want neither option.

I generally differ with the normal logic on this one. Old characters have had their chance I would much rather get characters that are new and would otherwise not have a chance due to nostalgia. Hence the signature Asura for UMVC3.

Ya im sorry about the Poll, i actually could not log into my account in order to change the question, ill be fixing it ASAP if i can

Just vote for who you want in the game, sheesh.

This is a good question, and one I think bears a thought-out response. Personally, I am of a mixed opinion on these, tending toward favoring newer characters and having realistic expectations for old cast.

Captain Commando makes a fantastic example. I voted for him in at least one of the polls. I didn’t do this because I expect Captain Corridor assist to be a top-notch anti-air option… you will never see me vote for a character because they have one effective move that was intuitive and easy to use. That’s voting for an individual attack, not a character. Instead, I voted for him on the assumption that if he does show up in UMvC3, the bulk of his movelist will be interesting, fun, and add something to the game. He also has an awesome exaggerated 80s hero vibe, and I love that. Thus, I voted for him on the good faith belief that he will be a good character to add to UMvC3, and not just hoping that his Corridor/Collider will be a good anti-air assist.

Conversely, Psylocke held no interest to me. When some people spoke to me in hopes of earning my vote for Psylocke, they made two very poor cases. The first was “she’ll have a gdlk anti-air assist, which the game needs”, and the second was showing me the animated gif of her breasts-heaving stance; I’m sure you’ve seen it. Well, I agree that UMvC3 would benefit from better anti-air assists. I do. However, these can be easily attained by just tweaking existing assists. Make Ryu’s Shoryuken assist invulnerable in the air. Make Cap’s Stars & Stripes do likewise. Maybe this would turn out to be a bad idea balance-wise, but the materials to implement what they wanted out of Psylocke are already in the game. As for heaving breasts… well, I do not need female anatomy to needlessly ‘jiggle’ for me to notice it is there. Most of my favorite female characters are those whose gender and beauty are obvious enough, but they do not use it in heavy-handed and pandering ways. I’m more than willing to settle for ‘beautiful without physical exaggeration, backed by useful combat powers and an interesting personality.’ Simply put, I was not impressed with Psylocke because the pitch made to me was “Well, her assist was amazing ten years ago; maybe it’ll still be amazing today” and “big, heaving breasts.” I’ll pass.

To be fair: I’m sure some Psylocke fans legitimately like her as a character from her comic appearances, and/or her coherent playstyle in MvC2. What I’m saying is the people who spoke to me built their pitch around blatant sexual pandering and a love of one move, not her whole play-style. That’s not going to win me over.

There is also the matter of “if you want (character), go play (last game they were in).” I understand staying faithful to a character you legitimately enjoy. You need some of that in a roster so you have some points of familiarity; a basis to learn the new characters from. However, speaking solely for myself, I thrive on new experiences. If I’ve gotten a decade plus out of a character, which I have with Ryu in most fighting games he has been in… then I’ve gotten enough. The best thing I ever did for my growth as a fighting game player was stop using Ryu and learn how to enjoy other characters. In turn, this became how I had my most fun; learning new, unusual characters and growing as a player through understanding them. Instead of Ryu/Ken/Akuma, I now enjoy teams like Dormammu/Captain America (yeah, somewhat shoto-y, I know)/Amaterasu. I use Q and Hugo in Third Strike. Embracing change got me out of a rut!

This is one of the major reasons why Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 excites me. The vast majority of the new cast are wholly new fighters, or else have only been in one or two other games at most and bring unusual combat styles with them. My response to Hiryu’s inclusion was “Eh, cool. Does nothing for me, but I’m glad his fans will be satisfied.” My response to Dr. Strange was “Fascinating. I’m eager to try this guy out.” My response to Frank West was to pre-order the game, since he has only been in one previous game, features a brilliant move list that was simply not tweaked properly in TvC, and I am legitimately a fan of the character.

In the end, I voted for a mix. A few of my choices were for veterans, ones I feel truly will add to the game beyond one or two dominant moves. Most of my desires were for newcomers, however. Capcom has been doing a great job satisfying this interest so far, and I hope they’ll continue it with DLC; I’d love to see them bring some heroes from unrepresented games into the equation, because I bet they’ll come up with some really cool playstyles for them. And if I haven’t name-dropped Nina from Breath of Fire lately, allow me to do so now since I think she would make a fantastic addition to the roster.

Thank you for raising this topic, Icytor. I hope it will prompt a good discussion!

Vote for who you want.

It’s not like it really matters that much.

Looking at it from Capcom’s point of view, it makes more sense that they would bring older characters back as dlc, and leave new characters for future mvc3 installments. Because if they sold Rocket Raccoon as dlc, it sounds like he wouldn’t sell well from all the hate he has been getting.

asura would be sweet

That’s a bad thing. Look at Magneto. Solid charecter and all, but he’s no master of magnetism. His looks and animations are all being held back by his MvC2 incarnation.

I’m not saying they should copy and paste the characters from Mvc2 into Mvc3, but that the developers already have something to work with, and probably saves alot of time in some of the development process. Also i think alot of the other returning characters turned out just fine.

@Red Rick Dias
No thank you for supporting this thread :D!

I do believe since Ultimate has given us nearly all new characters, that the next DLC or Game or Patch should include i think 2 old favorites from each side and then 2 Very interesting new characters, those top 5 choices among SRK members and Some personal faves above!

While i agree from the buisness end of your argument, to me old characters are also a business risk, if there are too many then their is no motivation for people to get the game, too little and people will be going into unfamiliar territoy. As such though, I actually think some older characters that are more obscure would be nice from the capcom side, i guess to me alot of their choices arnt “Flashy” if that makes any sense, they look cool, but they dont get my blood pumping like seeing the Zero release trailer or Super Skrull trailer haha. Idk, hard to describe XD

I do think 1 old character from each side would be good for the fanyboys/nostalgic purposes but I think anymore than 1 each and 3 new per side would just be lazy on capcoms part. I really look forward to learning new characters, their nuances and tech. Old characters are fine but if they had added 4 old characters on each side in ultimate some of my favorites (Nova,Rocket Raccoon,Iron Fist) would have never gotten a chance to shine.

I only say 2 because we still need a Megaman, and even if they have a newer mega then classic in, he is still an old character XD. him captain commando and for old capcom…im gonna say gambit and maybeee thanos for marvel?

I agree a balance of old and new characters is probably best, and don’t get me wrong, i like having new characters. When i first seen Arthur and heard his theme music i was so hype.

Agreed, this was more of a discussion of if you want a predominatly new or predominatly old characters, both old and new are welcome as long as both sides are equally represented.

Goddamn, I want Carnage more than anything.

Gambit and Jin should return asap

This thread doesn’t really add any value to other people. It drowns out useful threads.