Should we EVER use a regular throw?

and by regular i mean a lp+lk throw… (forward or back)

we all know the regular TT is throw invulnurable and that it has a pretty nice range too if you use the lp version, so in essence its even better than teching a throw as you will always win provided the enemy doesnt go for a strike intstead, but then all regular throws can get beaten by a strike anyhow.

i guess the main benefit of having it is to be able to direct the throw like to throw the enemy into a corner or whatever but then its also just as easy to roll to the other side after a successful TT.

i think im really gonna have to try and train myself to get out TTs more often instead of regular throws to punish certain attacks as its pretty much missed damage if you can get the maneuver out in time.

how often do other abel players use the regular throw during a match? or can you get a TT out in time instead of the regular P+K throw?

I use normal throw all the time. Comes out 2 frames quicker, recovers much quicker on whiff. Easily sets up ambiguous cross up.

It’s a good option in a lot of situations.

Normal whiff - your okay

TT whiff - big damage punish

A good opponent will learn to bait out TT’s

Sets up the TT pretty nicely too once the opponent is in tech mode.

Yeah I agree, normal throw has a ton of uses in Abel’s game. Perfect for training the opponent for throwing out throws to try and tech, and sets up for you to TT their ass. I personally enjoy cross up roll after knockdown then regular throw. If you time it right, meaty throw, mistime and it’ll tech.

I hold back and double tap lp+lk.
If they throw it’s a tech, if they punch it’s a block, they do nothing it’s a throw.

TT all the time and you’ll get punched in the groin… a lot.

i am definatly going to try this out as tick throws are my main weakness atm on streetfighter i just cant seem to guess when the are coming right and i just get tick thrown to hell, then if i do manage to counter it a couple of times they just go into combo mode and i eat shit as my whiffed throw breaks up my guard.

incidentally can i add u on my xbox live account? im looking for players from the UK to add (mainly for the better connection etc)

Yeah, getting thrown is probably my biggest weakness, might be because im mainly playing online though.

It’s funny though, because a lot of the time when you tech you think to yourself, oh, i could have just used a tornado throw there, haha.

And il add you MrFossy.

Exactly! I actually thought about this as well and tried TT’ing instead of normal throwing whenever I could. The only problem was since I play alot of Shoto’s the start-up time (or my reflexes :sweat:) was just too slow so I would end up eating a nasty combo if I didn’t get it out on time.

Interesting. What ambiguous cross ups are you thinking of?

After a normal throw you can use either medium or heavy roll then the animation appears to end up on top of your opponent. Doing this then going into a meaty attack or throw often messes up their blocking directions. A favourite of mine is Normal Throw slight pause Heavy roll ambiguous cross up into meaty c.FP. Once they get wise to that I’ll throw in a medium roll instead so as not to cross up and hopefully have them blocking the wrong way again.

You could always tech the throw and then TT, I know dirty tactics:nunchuck:

hmm, im not quite with you here, won’t heavy roll after a normal throw take you too far away to land both hits of the c.FP?

I like to throw with him. I use the foward MK into throw sometimes to mix it up. Because its quicker then the TT.

Niko: Lol I got to try that!

Yeah, I see shiro doing this alot, good ploy because it makes the player try and tech more, which could let you have that sneaky tornado throw to win the round or something like that.

And haha, surely the TT after the tech doesn’t work! I’m on it.

I think I use Abel’s normal throw more than his TT simply because his normal throw is a tad more safer. His TT I usually use during mix-ups. If I want to get in a TT just for my own satisfaction, I’ll cross-up on wake up, and whether it hits or the opponent blocks it, I’ll wait for about 2 frames after I land, just so I can guarantee a Jab TT. Again that is if I’m mixing up and (s)he thinks I’m going to play more footsies after the cross up. Love it. :lovin: