Should we make a petition to Sega for return Guilty Gear to ASW?

Come on, we need Sol Badguy in glorius HD.

ASW purchased the rights back a while ago. They just didn’t have them (all) when they made Overture. Not that it mattered for that game, because while it was fun (and even well made), it didn’t appeal to most GG fans.

Then I hope they bring back the series, BB characters are cheap anime.

Daisuke says he wants to finish it - there’s a decent chance that GGX3 will be Arcsys’s next project after they finish the Arcana Heart 3 port this winter. I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but it’ll be great when it happens.

That said, Blazblue was designed to get new players interested in fighting games (especially NSFGs), and it’s done a good job of that. The work that has gone into it isn’t insignificant, and I’m glad it got made. Is Guilty Gear better for hardcore players? More than likely, yes. Does that make it a better game in every way? I think not, even though I personally do prefer it.

Also, art style does not make a system good or bad. Case in point: Arcana Heart has one of the most original and fun systems I’ve experienced, but I’d prefer a more varied cast from an art standpoint (too many lolis at the moment).

I thought sega never owned the rights to GG and it was just a crazy internet rumor that spread like wildfire.

There were some issues, but iirc they’re pretty much well and done with now. What I’ve heard matches up with what Narcowski said earlier.

SEGA DOESNT OWN THE RIGHTS ON GG DAMN IT, in a rescent interview with the head of ASW he stated that that is just a stupid rumor, and that they are planning on making more GG games (fighting games and rst like overture), but right now they are busy with BB, if i found the interview i will post it

Still, a petition can’t hurt, right?

While GG’s is dumb anime.

blazblue is a horrible game to watch, and i will assume play from the videos ive watched
gg shits on bb’s chest
someone who makes frequent front page post said a source close to him said gg is coming back
shutup and wait
get hype
dont suck at it
ooooooh, online
hope its good
my back hurts
noobs are a plague to life

been workin on them new hd sprites for yeeeaars, i hear

well that’s not a fair comparison, GG shits on everything’s chest

That’s funny, cuz this article on Gamasutra says otherwise, sir. From the mouth of Daisuke Ishiwatari himself. Click ‘article’ to read it.

And internet petitions have a long, glorious history of convincing corporations to just “do the right thing”. Hope that works out for ye.

Which is funny, because this more recent interview says that they don’t and daisuke intends to work on a new guilty gear.

Blazblue: European launch interview with United Zen CEO Tomo Ohno ? Hardedge Wiki

ElvenShadow was hinting about how he knew about the whole deal with GG after talking to SOME FAUST PLAYER (who works with ASW) and told us to rest assured.

And yes, GG owns BB in every aspect.

Glad to hear this. Thank You


You’re an idiot. Just throwing that out.

Right after we petition for a new Dark Stalkers!

For real. I’m still waiting eagerly for that announcement. At least GG has some new games this decade lol.

…I like BB…

And a new GG’s more than likely already happening, unless Daisuke’s blowin smoke.