Should we make a thread for every matchup?



To me, this seems like a more efficient way to organize matchup knowledge. I believe this method is more stimulating to conversation than the current matchup thread. However, the downside is that there’s a lot of threads associated with this method.


to avoid the problem of having too many topic signed as important, just signs the generic one as important, and put the match up list on the first page of it, and put a link for every char topic. maybe i m not too clear sorry, hard to explain in english xD


I’ve never liked the one-thread-for-all-matchups setup that this forum had for SF4. It might make the page less cluttered, but it’s a bitch and a half finding anything when you’re looking for info on a particular matchup. Let’s just make a new thread for every character that gives us trouble instead of sifting through a big chaotic one.


It’s difficult to find information on a specific character.


Microthreads are terrible and become ghost towns and drive down participation overall.