Should welfare require drug testing?

Well I do think that collecting money from the government and then using it for an illegal activity is kind of dodgy, kind of like giving them the finger really.

Getting any kind of public aid/welfare is a crock of shit.

I’m broke ass poor, constantly looking for a job and they wont give me ANYTHING because I don’t have kids and am not pregnant. Though frankly, Illinois likes to be special with their own magic laws regarding just about everything. Welfare is something they throw new laws at all the time. It’s pretty much the only thing they reform into worse condition where normally, they’d raise taxes because doing so is a simple process. God forbid they get a case which requires more thought. Suddenly you see more malicious brainpower than should be possible.

However, I heavily say that no, welfare should not drug test. It’s too biased. Realistically, how many people do you know who smoke pot? I mean good people who work hard and might be having tough times that deserve the governments help. Why should drug addicts further more inflict laws that screw others over? (I consider pot harmless despite not smoking it myself. It’s never killed anyone… EVER. Think about it.)

there are tons and tons of people who abuse welfare and unemployment but there are also people who actually really need it and prolly couldn’t survive without it. in my eyes if they are gonna drug test you for welfare they should do it for people on unemployment aswell. yeah maybe your past job didn’t require drug test but if you are really actively looking you will realize that most jobs now a days do require drug test and if you test positive for drugs then you must not be actively looking or you just dont give a damn

Not to mention that Rx drugs will show up. Say you end up in a lot of pain, you need medicine, can’t afford it and so a friend is all “Here. Take this vicodin.” So help me, I’d take it considering my wisdom teeth are killing me.

Now imagine the lovely people who provide welfare want me to come in and take a drug test. If that shows up, I have no explanation because I don’t have a bottle of pills with my name on them to show for it. Get what I mean?

Its a valid argument but cheating urine drug tests are pretty easy. Now if they went deeper with blood and hair tests, than sure why not. Most drugs don’t stay in your blood too long. Hair would be the only logical test to catch a user but also can be constituted as unfair because you could of smoked a joint 3 months ago and still fail. My only problem with testing is who is going to pay for it? With the exception of urine test which are cheap and easily beatable the other two types of tests are expensive. If you tested everyone on welfare that could really add up, because really not everyone on welfare do drugs…

As far as I know, they do not.

I grew up on welfare and it provided me with food, water, and shelter. Having said that, get rid of welfare and we wouldn’t have to worry about drug testing.

Bankers, politicians, CEO, lawyers and cops should all require drug testing.

Poor people do not affect me as much as rich people do. You guys are looking at the wrong people to blame for your problems.

id rather get robbed by envelopes and tax forms than a knife or broken bottle

i think hes onto someething…

i would rather get robbed at knife point if all hes taking is my cash.

considering opium, coca leaves and marijuana has been used for what, anything from 5000 to 15000 years ago till like 100 or 200 ago i dont see why we have governments to legalize or ban shit (lol at tobaco and alcohol being legale, people soo fucking stupid).

people are wise enough to deside for themselves, the biggest reason its not legal is cause more people that the govenrment doesnt want to have any money (or power) would get too rich. i mean its fine to start a war and have dumb ass stupid ass shitheaded motherfuckers kill and get killed for your own benefits, but when a group of people does it even just a small group and without the killing its WRONGGGG. they get too rich, they dont pay taxes. thats the 2 real reason for not legalizing anything. lol at people thinking its to “protect” its people, lolllzzzz.

America is well on its way to legalizing marijuana. Our economy is so far in the shitter, we pretty much need to.

tax that shit, they did the same with alcohol and tobacco. hell, all these legal drugs which are even worse than cocaine or heroine have tax on them. weed should be the next step, who knows maybe theyll use some of the opium theyre taking from afghanistan for the drug industry and actually sell herione to junkies and make some extra tax money.

i’m interested how these places deal with legalized drugs. since mass just decriminalized it…does that mean u wouldnt get kicked off of welfare if caught or would u.

Actively searching for a job is bullshit. All you have to do is sign up to whatever state job search and that is it. You do not even have to make an attempt to get hired.

welfare gets abused by lazy people

abolish it

Mostly lazy black ppl that are on drugs that do not care about there 5 kids make them take durg test so they can tell littel timmy why they don’t have shit to eat.

IM black and im from B more city i know about this shit.

know about your city is diff than know about the nation as a whole with welfare.

I said mostly

now THERE’S a novel idea! :lol:

on drug testing people on welfare: waste of more taxpayer money. also druggies on welfare should share w/ their kids so they won’t be hungry either :hitit: