Should you ever tech a throw in neutral?


If you think they’re going to throw you, shouldn’t you just press your fastest button? Let’s say they decide to go for a shimmy, that whiffed throw is going to last 25F. But your whiffed jab is only going to last somewhere between 11 and 14F. On top of that, throws have a 5F startup and your fastest normal has 3-4F of startup. Trying to tech the throw when you think they’re going to throw seems like the riskier option when you can just interrupt it. Interrupting the throw does damage, stops their momentum and gives you better positioning.


Yeah, I’d never tech totally in neutral. I try not to let people walk all the way up to throw range without hitting a button. Of course there are situations like tick throws where you start at frame disadvantage where the throw would beat your jab, so tech would be necessary here, but if the opponent is constantly shimmying and punishing hard I’ll even occasionally neutral jump, its too slow to punish throw and gets beat by frame traps but with no counter hit, which can result in no combo if they are cc fishing. Maybe that’s just the league I’m in but I’d often take small damage over full cc punish / more throw pressure


And here I was thinking why shimmies are the weakest part of my gameplan with whoever I play… I was trying to tech throw! This post has just englightened me. Seriously.


If someone just walks forward or dashes and you try to react with a jab instead of a late tech, most of the time you’re probably too late and you get thrown or counter hit; unless your reactions are good enough for that. dat 8 frames.


But the counter hit danger is bigger by trying to tech the throw since throws have more startup than jab. The extra recovery also makes it easier to whiff punish. Guessing wrong on the jab is less punishable and less susceptible to counterhits. Guessing right leads to damage, momentum, and positioning. Guessing wrong with the tech throw leaves you wide open to a punish. Guessing right just means you don’t take damage. The risk-reward just seems more favorable to interrupt them than teching the throw.


That’s if you can react to something like a forward dash and press jab before they can press something, which is probably going to require you to predict the dash. If they press a normal or throw, and you jabbed too late, you’re getting thrown or counter-hit. If you had late teched in that same situation, you probably would’ve blocked or teched the throw. I think you’re going to have to use both strategies wherever necessary.


Yeah this is exactly the problem w/ the jab stuff - try doing this w/ a 4 frame jab character and you get thrown every time


That’s way too big of a blanket statement IMO

Guessing wrong and getting thrown is really bad considering how momentum heavy this game is, especially against the Lauras and Mikas of the world

Guessing wrong and whiffing throw, I’m still challenging their reactions and ability to whiff punish, which if they do hit the punish that sucks as well but it’s not guaranteed to be worse by any means

Guess correctly with jab means I get what, a small damage confirm at best which may or may not come out to equal damage I would get from a throw?

I don’t agree with your assessment of the risk/reward between these options


Frame traps. They cam throw your jab. Mash all you want you are getting thrown.


Jabs will lead to getting frame trapped though. I generally find it easier to frame trap jabbers than delay techers


I find it the other way around, since delay techers are easy CC bait if you use something like jab into slow normal. Jabbers are just getting the normal CH combos most of the time which do much less damage.


this game rewards shimmiers more than techers.

jab away.


Most normals aren’t positive enough lead to a good frame trap. And you can delay the jab because most of those normals will leave them far enough that they have to walk forward to throw you. You don’t immediately have to mash your fastest normal to interrupt them. You can wait a few frames.


Use a longer poke. Karin’s s. mk is great for anyone dumb enough to try to walk or dash in.