Shoulder buttons IC mod on Nubytech pad

Hello everyone.

After a semester studying Digital Circuits in college, I came up with this idea to give a new purpose for an old Nubytech pad. But I’m not sure on the best/safest way to implement it.

The goal: allow myself to press both shoulder buttons at the same time in order to swap their assignments at hardware level. This way I can quickly have a right trigger with either PPP or KKK assigned, depending on the Ultra/character I’m using.

The idea: to use an FF-T to hold a bit that will control the outputs of a few logic gates, routing the button pressings to either default or swapped state.

I’m about to draw a “working” circuit I came up with in a notebook, but while I do this, and before posting it, I’d like to know if you guys have any thoughts on the best way to implement such idea.

Another question: is there any way to implement that using only a single, programmable chip instead of this arrangement of NANDs/FFs I’ve thought of?

Thank you :slight_smile:

It’s doable with with gates or with small programmable chips, certainly. Any small microcontroller could do it easily, and one with an internal osc and the ability to pull up input pins would mean you wouldn’t need anything but the chip, except a small decoupling cap nearby on the pins, but frankly you could skip it and still be fine. For PICs, a 12F508 is very cheap and could do it easily. I havent used the ATTiny’s, but it looks like the ATTINY13A could do the job as well if you prefer Atmel’s.