Shoulder, Crystal Sphere, Shoulder on DC

Can this be done on the DC? I’ve managed a Crystal Sphere, Shoulder Before but I don’t know if the whole thing can be done due to the frame rates. I need more things to learn, it’s getting kind of restricted now.

Yes it can be done on DC, but its character specific (from a cr.fierce launcher).

And ‘frame rates’ have nothing to do with this, the timing is piss easy.

Nice one thanks. What characters can it be used on?

Chun li, Alex, Q, Twelve, Necro, Makoto, Elena (iirc). And I cant remember who else.

What strengths should I be using? I’ve noticed mp shoulder doesn’t push you out as far as lp does, and the lp sphere is the obvious one to go for, but I’ve seen mp sphere used before.

But I can’t catch the timing on the last shoulder, how strict is it? Im catching the sphere as early as possible, but the last shoulder is the hard part. The opp falls to low, does druming help?

Can this be done after c.hp(2hit), EX shoulder? Even just a sphere and a shoulder afterwards does insane damage. I’ld hate to see it when I’ve learned to get another shoulder xx aegis = whatever.

This will allow me to extend all my existing combos aswell for more meter and damage. God I love learning urien, can’t wait to get the ps2 verson.

Mp shoulder? Whats that? lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Use short tackle both before and after the jab sphere (easy peasy), but if you manage to connect a mid sphere after the first tackle, then use a forward tackle after. Yes the timing here is harder but the height of the opponent after a mid sphere allows you to cramp in 2 tackles afterwards.

Forget about using ex tackles in these combos, it does not do insane damage and your just wasting meter. The whole beauty of being able to do tackle, sphere, tackle combos on certain characters is that you can build meter for unblockables etc.

I am sorry if I am sounding a little aggressive, I dont mean to, but you should really just try these things out and see which is the obvious thing to do, its not rocket science mate. On another note, combos aside, Uriens general footsies, poke/mind games and aegis traps is what will get you the wins anyway. Good luck.

It does compared to the damage of all my other combos with other characters. 60 hp is quite large for a combo only using specials and one EX, instead of using a full meter with others.

I’m trying to get the basic juggling down and timing before I start to delve too deep into aegis. My idea is to learn with what I’ve got before going onto more profesional stuff. Thats the only real reason I’m using Ex’s for, plus you can’t shoulder, shoulder properly on DC any ways so.

Thanks for your help though, I can manage in the corner a mp.spere(air opp), mk.shoulder, mp.sphere, EX shoulder, mk.shoulder xx lp.aegis. This keeps makoto pinned in the corner ready for the unblockable on wakeup. I use the EX to knock the juggle up to six hits before I activate the aegis, again bucause of the lack of shoulder, shoulder. Unfortuanatly all I can hope is the cpu either doesn’t block, get’s stunned or I can break it’s guard.

I just need to wait till I get the ps2 version before I remove the EX and use the unblockables. Just those unblockable combos deal so much damage. So easy to get an over head c.hp(2hit), shoulder, sphere, shoulder, shoulder(if I had ps2) afterwards. then I should have enough meter for another aegis as long as my meter was origionaly at MAX, and if I could shoulder, sphere, shoulder of c.hp.

Urien is a BEAST! On ps2 ayway.

mp.shoulder, lol.

Actually, i disagree. Never do short tackle > jab sphere > short tackle.

Always do short tackle > jab sphere > forward tackle.

If you can do a strong sphere against some go for rh tackle into another forward tackle. Of course this is more specific than the above mentioned combo.

Timing is everything. Even if you miss it, go for it. If you never try you’ll never learn.