Shouldnt sf4 have its own dvd for evo 09?


i mean enough said! its projected to have atleast 500+ entries, the newest title that grew big since cvs2 ( i think that was the last big title that had liek 300+ entries at evo), and its not even a year yet. i know japan wants this money! probaby gonna be 20 showing up.

i vote for sf4 to have its own dvd with the top 32!! it woudl be greater if it was more but id b happy with 32.

so guys please vote

edit: The second option should not have the words “1 sf4 disc” sorry about that guys


SF4 only dvd would be nice.


Yeah, so I can buy CvS…wait


for sure its bought…and im buying w/e dvd has hd remix…

but seriously in SF4…there will be at least 100 players entered in the tourney…please show us alot of matches…

i want to see everything


understatement of the year? :rofl: and while we’re at it put all the HDR matches on one dvd or something. well with cvs2 gone you could probably fit top 8 3s and marvel and all of the HDR matches and still have a shorter dvd than those in the past with cvs2. :rofl:


Two quick asides:

  1. 3S had 300+ entries fairly recently (2k7, I believe)
  2. I would love to buy an SF4 Blu-ray because I don’t buy DVDs anymore

But yeah, I wouldn’t mind if SF4 had its own disc and included more than the top 8.


Good luck on EVO blu-rays within the next few years.


SF4 should definetely have its own dvd, even the top 50 players should have some amazing talent. WOW, 500 man bracket, this is gonna be crazy!!


dunno about having a poll where both answers are the same, but regardless I agree. There’s gonna be an ABSURD amount of excellent SF4 footage so this should definitely happen. In the unlikely case there’s an issue of having enough footage for the other DVD(s) maybe some stuff from the side tournaments/exhibition matches/etc in the BYOC room could be included. :slight_smile:


sorry about that guys i really need to start proof reading


haha, it’s all good


If they produced it I’d buy it. Provided all of the other tournaments were still released on DVD as well.


I dont really get the poll… Both answers seem to say SF4 should have it’s own disc. But I think they should keep the same format unless they dont have room but honestly most people dont want to watch pool games so I doubt it would be a big problem.


Top 32 players would be good watching.


Going to be some amazing stuff we’ve never seen before like jab jab jab headbutt ULTRA ZOMG.


yeah…but listen broski…you might be around good players alot to know whats what…but some scrubbies…me included want to see good level play too…not just elite level…

we gotta learn the game every chance we get


I would be willing to pay almost anything to have this in HD.

Was just watching my evo 2k4 dvds on my 52" lcd and they look terrible.


Blu Ray sounds good. Pack it in with the CE of SF4 Dash.


Top 64/32 SF4 on one disc would sell like hot cakes. hell, i would buy it.