Shouldnt they take another good look at the brackets?

almost all of the international players flying down have been clubbed together in the top half of the pools giving them about only a maximum of 2 or so slots in the top eight for grabs. then we’ve got people like filipino champ, justin wong etc mysteriously placed in the bottom part of the pool thats devoid of any form of recognizable names, either this new point system hasnt worked out very well or someone really wants america to have a good shot at the gold. perhaps i havent caught on to the finer aspects of how the bracket/seeding/tables work this year but clubbing 2 dozen japanese together is just plain lame.

I’m not sure what you’re looking at that would give you that impression. The international players are spread evenly throughout the bracket. For instance in SSF4:AE, the Japanese players are distributed across pools 7, 13, 18, 19, 25, 26, 31, 43, 61, 67, 69, 73, 75, 79, and 80.

Take the Fantasy Brackets with a giant grain of salt. They simulate the bracket from thousands of players down to the top 32 based on seeds, but many international players are unseeded because they did not compete in an Evo Tournament Season event. The Fantasy Brackets will get more accurate as we start to see pool results come in during the weekend.

How do you decide the top 32 after pools? I think what he means is that a lot of Japanese players are within 1-25. I mean for christs sake, you have 2 japanese players in 13 alone. Which in terms of last year, fighting for top 32, is like putting them all within the same couple of pools.

This doesn’t make any sense. Are you referring to fantasy brackets or what exactly are you talking about?

they look fine to me. Go watch conspricay theory, that movie is great.

^ this

Because you’re in pool 2. not pool 13.

Evo placing system uses zip codes so players don’t have to play against someone they play with normally… but international players don’t really use U.S. zipcodes so…

they are spread out from what I can see.

Good topic

They are NOT spread out evenly. IF all of the seeded players do indeed win their games the way the bracket predicts, then three japanese players are in ONE section. HOW is that spread evenly?? I do understand that this is highly unlikely though. However, since the possibility does exist, the imbalance should be addressed asap.

IMO the post-pool-play bracket(s) should be assigned dynamically. When the players come out of pool play, it would be ideal if those remaining players were seeded by - first, their sponsors (if any), then by their region, THEN by the EVO point system… because we all can agree that the point system is more of a guideline than it is an actual (true) ranking.

Explanation: if i’m sponsoring two fighters, the LAST thing i want is for them to eliminate each other before they really need to. The community should be trying to encourage sponsorship - and i would NOT be encouraged if I was MCZ and see that 32man bracket where MCZ Daigo and MCZ Tokido - two potential finalists - need to challenge each other so early in the tourney. Support the sponsors - they pay for sh*t.
Second, if i’m ranked 12th (or whatever) and my buddy is ranked 13th - the last thing i would want is to travel 2000 miles without getting a crack at other top players first. I think virtually everyone could agree with this sentiment.

It would be a VERY disappointing tournament if most of the foreign players were eliminated by foreign players even before domestic players got a chance to play against their skills. I’m sure I speak for the overwhelming majority when I say that I would NOT like to see JWong eliminate Marn while Poongko eliminates Infiltration on the bracket right beside them (just an example)… just because of non-existent EVO points.

That being said, up to this point, it seems that the EVO folks have not disappointed. I hope they’re taking these things into consideration.

not too sure about that as i am from 96818 and there are two other hawaii players in my pool with me it sucks im flying all that way to play with shigz and d choi. im in pool 11 for AE

i wouldn’t say evo fix brackets, but there is something wrong with it. it’s clearing that evo didn’t separated players by region or zip code.
just look at pool 13(two jp players in a 16 players pool. this is a joke) of AE and pool 26 of MK Justin wong and Flow are on the same pool. wtf is this.

All the top level players should be taken out of pool 13!!! LOL j/k.

But In the reality of things…I personally don’t mind it because it just means I have an opportunity to play a japanese player. Whether I win or lose, its still something that doesn’t get to happen all the time.

Although there are quite a few pools that make me wonder. But Cest la vie.


3 hawaii players in a pool of 16

evo is honest.

But maybe their seeding program uses the crappy default windows random number generator? Like in the Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2 games, that uses a crappy random number generator. And when you cast an AOE spell, sometimes all 3 enemies roll the same dice number for their saving throw.

yeh im not exactly thrilled with it, but im wondering how it happens when there are so many pools.

I was under the impression that the only seeding Evo was gonna do this year was seeding based on Evo season points. And basically, all that does is separate the players with Evo points away from each other. It doesn’t preclude a seeded player from having an unseeded top player/“killer” in their pool/side of the bracket, for instance. Was it supposed to based on locale too? Because if it was, then yeah, Evo dun goof’d… but I don’t know that it was. Luck of the draw? The way the cookie crumbles? Exposed dickriders… ?

no matter what people bitch about pools thats like me flying out there to play chaos first round or kdz or ryder or marlin pie… but still its a tournament with over 1000+ entries they do the best they can just leave it alone

im talking about the official bracket that has been put out by the evo staff for the tournament this weekend. why would i complain about the fantasy bracket contest? lol

people who are saying that the brackets look fine should take another closer look, the disparity speaks for itself. I’ll put it in very simple terms, all of the international players who are expected to do well have been placed in death pools, the big american names who best represent the nation for sf have been placed in dry pools in a way that they get a clear shot at atleast making it into the top 32.

hmm try to ask Evo to switch one of the Hawaii players for this guy:

He arrives at 10:30 am on friday and cant compete at all cuz his pool is at 8:00 am. honestly i see no harm in switching one hawaiian away from 2 other hawaiians to get someone who travels from another country a chance to compete

for all the talk about bracket rigging that you scrubs complain about, you sure seem infavor of it when it suits your tastes. Give yourselfs all yellowcards.