Shout out to TheEpicRamen: She Hulk Torpedo Relaunch technology




Yes, everyone’s favorite trick from Vanilla for She Hulk is back with a relatively minor change. One of those changes that make people smack their head at how simple the solution is. Aside from the nerfed range on her slide and inability to rapid-fire c.L, Jenny’s booties might be getting some action soon.

Long story short: After the OTG Torpedo, you can cancel the second Runner’s Start like normal, now you just need to dash forward and do s.M into launcher. If you land an air throw, you only need to dash forward into launcher.

During matches, it would be fun to see people switch up between the booty drop relaunch and the old school OTG Torpedo.


Combofiend needs to know about this.


So is anyone is willing to do me a gigantic favor can anyone give me the inputs for this. The multiple run cancels confuse me and I have trouble with it unless I see the actual inputs. I’d do it myself but I don’t want to screw it up.