Shout outs to East Coast Throwdown Abels



Rico Suave

Ya’ll got me hype this weekend. Congrats on your accomplishements and reppin’ Frenchy! Good games!


Shout outs to the Abel players who represented

How did HAV do? I didn’t get to watch all the stream


Mad respect to HAV too. The guys above made it to the big screen.

You can find the results at Tonamento.


I was one of the fail ables that placed 32nd :frowning:

Lost to marn and Henry (CTF owner)

So I can’t leave mad, but I did play henry stupidly


No such thing as fail Abels just journey to greatness Abels. Ha ha! Shout out to Cowman playing on competativeonline right now. I see you. Ha ha! (iPhones are of the devil!)


you creaper… I guess streaming tri forces room really helped our viewers.

We’re hitting like 200+ anytime of the day (no joke at 9 in the morning I was hitting 150… that’s stupid good)


Nice, I was one of the stream monsters xD always showing up in the streams and never showing up in the scene xD… nice try though Cow! :smiley: but yeah I main Abel and Ibuki… C’mon Cow! U GOTTA UNBAN ME!!! I mean seriously just because I ALMOST spoiled Lost because some guy baited me into it… and I GET THE BAN :frowning:


Ha ha! Had no idea you had anything to do with that site.

Freaked me out actually. I’m on here. I get a notice that competative online is live. I go there and I see…Cowman? What the!!!

Congrats on the numbers. I won’t be watching anymore. Ha!


shout outs to shout outs.


yo yipes abel was so legit. he makes me want to use abel.


Shout outs to missing forward forward > FP links.


Yipes is the truth…holla


Vids ?