Shout outs to the "Staff" of fighting games

Guys like Ultradavid, James Chen, Skisonic, Keits, SKill, Valle, Jwong, Mr Wizard, Ponder, Spooky, Offcast, red rapper, Tourny organizers who don’t get shout outs for smaller majors, and the players are all this community needs to keep going. You guys f***ing rule.

Yes…even Capcom themselves. (Money hungry bastards lol)

Post here if you think these guys and anyone I missed deserve mad props.

I agree. Good on them.

Reverge labs, Arc Systems, SNK, and a bunch of others as well.

If you really want to thank them, stop watching them on streams and get your ass into those events.

Im a 16 year old canadian smart guy. I like playing video games, im not paying hundreds to fly to America for an event. Doesn’t mean I can’t thank em.

Support your local scene :expressionless:

I go to tourny’s in my area by bus and its a 2 hour one. Happy?

good. now do it again!

Markman and Madcatz
John Choi
Haunts, Magus, Darry and IPW crew
Ryan Hunter and Option-Select
WorstGeifEver, Neo Empire and the European scene
Oz Scene (sorry I can’t remember anyones name at the moment)
Gootecks and Cross Counter franchise
Arcade owners still operating
Commentators keeping those of us watching the stream company. I just get so lonely sometimes :frowning:

It is nice to hear you are supporting your scene. We just had a ST tournament around here, and the prize had to be downgraded cos we only got 21 entrants, even though there are more than 50 people logging on GGPO here and there. Damn online warriors.

With that said, someone has to at least give a shout out to Air, Majinhurricane and the rest of the VSB crew.

Shoutouts to Air, Majinhurricane and the rest of the VSB crew.

I wish I had 21 players to play ST with offline. Be happy with what you have lol

I want to give a shout out to…

Everyone who keeps helping fighting games grow to something bigger/better than it was the day before. Thank you <3

I wanna give big props to myself. I’ve done a lot for the community over the years, cause I love the community, and I deserve a big thank you, and thank you so special only I am capable of giving it to myself.

Sound mad conceited here but OK.

i look so good i look so pretty

I wanna give props to myself too.

I haven’t done jack squattery.

I am saving up for evo 2k12, though. I play online a ot, and that counts for something.

I wanna give a shoutout to everyone in Europe who joins my Endless lobbies constantly even though I live on the other side of the Atlantic…

…and this…


Mad props to everyone in the FG scene. <3

Hopefully I’ll be at Evo 2013/2014. Gonna start going to tourneys in London, step up my shit and try to start something local. :3