Shout outs to TheQueenofloveHD

Thank you and Congratulations for your Shulkie combo vid tutorial for making it to the front page of, the She-hulk boards and community thanks you for your time in making that vid!

Long live le She-Hulk!

Agreed. I really enjoyed it and hope to incorporate some of the stuff some time soon.
Hopefully I’ll be able to do them some time soon cause the booty relaunch timing
is kinda weird for me. :sweat:

Also, while were on the topic of shout outs,
shout outs to my cat, Meowth, who’s stuck by me with
my horrible She-Hulk. Shout outs to my other cat, Skitty, too!

Thanks so much, it’s an amazing feeling being able to bring my favorite character back to life :slight_smile:

I’m so hyped!

extreme props for bringing Jenny back into my life. i was so saddened with the loss of the glitch and of course the slide, but this alone can revive her! MAJORRRRRR shoutout to you thequeenoflovehd. :smiley:

This is a huge exaggeration. The video only showed that She-Hulk is not a hopeless case, but we’re not going to see tons of people flock back to her. She has definite flaws that the video does not erase.


it revived a lot of previous users to regain INTEREST in her for sure.

someone make a vid of tech to not get pushblocked to the other end of the earth pl0x =(

honestly are we supposed to just super armor chariot in during a mega long assist or something?

I too am happy she found a new re-launch combo.Idk if anyone has found this out yet,but I found out how to combo from lights out from anywhere on the screen,simply cancel with runners start,chariot,cancel and combo. Hope this helps :] Edit: I just read the other thread and found out you did lol,anyways I’m still thankful for the re-launch.

I got some ideas for her.