Shoutout Thread

This is a thread to give a shoutout to all the people you met at evo.

First gotta give a shoutout to ace, great games man, and a mad chill guy in person. Should come to an ec tourney someday :smiley: . It was cool meetin all the other cali peoples as well, potter, deus, kai, hellfromabove, cableguy, chris, mike, etc.

Midwest people are mad good, carlos, bill, marc, and the rest of that crew, mad props to all you guys for beastin so hard.

Cool meetin the combo guys, ekin and brian. Good shit with dhalsim brian, and hope you have fun on your plane ride ekin <3.

Always dope to see the usual ec heads, ny, new orleans, etc.

If i forgot anyone, my bad, got mad jetlag. Hope to see all you guys at ecc or evo or some random tourney.


gg’s to u too :smiley: switch trick failed me on that day lol

it was dope seeing japan playing mvc2… thanks to takayuki for signing my agetec heh

nice seeing x, matrix, wigfall, jwong again… u guys are dope…

nice to see ekin, did u ever find yr ciggs? and too bad we never got to play a few games

and good job to CARNEVIL! u did really good this year man

GGs in CvS2 to campbell, eric lee and choi, norcal p groove user that wears a hat, popoblo, obot64, chidi akara, viscant, lifetimeboy (BEAST), and some other random guys. fun casual matches even though the actual tourney was :rolleyes:

Shoutout to ALL the people I played in the console room! That shit was sooo much fun, I wish I could do that every day! ;__;

  • FlashMetriod; you talk some mad shit, but you can back that shit up. Awesome job proving everyone wrong about you, man. Next time, maybe the IIDX machine won’t fucking suck so bad?

  • Beatmania IIDX 8th Style machine; stupid ass screen was seriously about 2 more dollars from me drop-kicking the screen in hopes of making it brighter.

  • Team Serious; you guys are totally awesome, and some of the downest to earth people on earth. Awesome meeting you guys once more, and chatting about glitches with Final Shodown!

  • ruIn and Peter Su; Good shit holding down Nevada as a bunch of people who play XX too much! We’ll take that shit next year.

  • Kindemu; This guy is out of control, nuff said. XD

  • Aaron (AKA); Sick ass Millia, I can’t even block her stupid-shit anymore, especially not that ridiculous shit you showed me in the console room.

MAD PROPS TO EVERYONE! I hope to see everyone again next year. #R at EVO!!! FUCKING FINALLY

DJB posting…

hehe Nice meeting you too :), hehe and thank you, maybe dhalsim will be be a serious character for me soon.

It was nice meeting finally my BOBO (eKiN) and also meeting everyone else as usual again, See you all next year.

fuck you isaac! that plane ride is gonna kick my ass

great to finally meet all the people i been talkin to for years, most of all my buddies shady, captain genghis and clock, its been like 3-4 years now? crazy

also sup to joe, carlos, alison, aa’ron from az, josh x chris and justin from ny, isaac the rillest, brian bobo, chunksta, korngo, cj, ace, albert, phat_toi, josh (thanks for the cigs buddy), soo, potter and bill, valle, buk, hsien, kim, lil daniel, moukies, ben, seth, nki, takayuki, big dazzle, mike ross, peter combofiend, hawaiian ryan, juicy deucey my smokin buddy, kasey, jay, eliver, jaha, scan

sorry if i left you out i met a lot of people i prolly still love you

also fuck you to hellsap for bein an idiot

props to tony for playing his marvel qualifiers drunk…

props to henry cen for beating me in cvs2 qualifiers when i was still drunk…

props to everyone that came up to room 247 and took shots with me… Romel, Random canadian dudes, dirty cole, apoc, tony, walter, kennywizzle… carlos

props to ricky for having better pajama bottoms then me…

hello kitty > paul frank… :frowning:

props to CHP for pulling me over twice in a span of 2 hours after EVO…

yeah nice meetin you ekin and isaac. You guys are cool peeps and beasts. Ekin is without a doubt the greatest super turbo player in the world lolol, he played everyone in his pool with one hand.

i wanna say sup to everybody i played…it was hella fun

gg’s-skisonic,genghis,clock,soo,mag,mike ross,chunksta,player unknown,s3ntin3l,takiyuki,rany lew,potter,matrix,cableguy,phat toi,fern boi,kenI,pigadoken,bill

special shout out to empire dipset,we hella rept evo to the fullest…see you guys soon

shout out to the faggot the stole my video camera,thanks a lot asshole

all in all evo in my opinion was just ok but it is more about hanging with the homies for me

X: I knew i once said i’d retire after evo, but people like you make this scene too dope to leave behind. Great seeing you again. and good job. This was finally your year. And thanks for hustling me out of a total of 15 dollars this whole trip. =/

Wigfall: Still got the skills. Keep tearing shit up with that MSP

Issac: Your MSP is nuts. Good job in that money match with ace. you held it down

Matrix: See you on aim. and take care of that pen. hope you like it.

Justin: Congrats on winning. (again)

Shawn: Great talking to you. Continue to enjoy greek life. Hope to see you again next year

Vegita X: Good job on taking my 10 bux. Rogue still owns.

Magneto X: Nice seeing you in action for once. Sorry you didn’t get to be on the big screen.

Carnevil: Congrats on making team SW and taking out TAKA. Sorry you didn’t get a chance tho. See you again sometime

Hawaiian Ryan: just almost again this year. don’t worry. your time will come next year.

djb: dhalsim is ugly. don’t use him on me anymore.

Ekin and Justin: great to meet you finally. have a safe trip back.

Big Dave: Good games man. Your defense gave me lots of trouble. Hope we can play again.

Aaron: that hood is dope

CharlieGoblyn: Still got it. Hope you and AZ come to cali again soon.

Madbooface, Tony, and the rest of Chi Town: Glad you could make it again this year. Hope you had fun. Sorry we couldn’t play this year.

if i forgot anyone, sorry. but you know you’re dope.

aiite first off mad shout out to issac aka the peoples champ- ur msp is to sick for words dawg, and i learned from watching u that being patient with msp aint a bad thing, good games aswell my nakka

ekin- what can i say man, ur the the rillest of the real my friend. OH AND MUCH LUV TO UR BUDDY JUSTIN CUZ HE BOUGHT ME KARE KANO 10, I WET MY PANTS WHEN I SAW IT:D , hope to see u guys soon

NYC- justin is always a beast. X is a fucken hustler for life, once he steps in thet building its a WRAP!!. And much love to matrix for holding down the dreamcast, ur cyc is nice dawg, i gotta hand it to u. and i dint get to play wigfizzle, till next time dog, ur dope too

Crisco aka the rillest pad player- good shit dawg, ur prolly the reason ima keep playin mvc2, gotta have some more matches again next time

Rico- all u cats is mad ill, from tony to albazzle to that nakka jesse

Jr Bizzle- good lucking out son, holla at cha boy!

vegita x- this cat is to sick for some ppl, mad props go out to ya

orobourus- thanx for lending us a copy of mvc2, ur custom rules my life ggpo dog, let me just shake ur hand already

Nsj- all of u r dope, but u KNOW THIS MAN!!!, DJ B is the man, ima practice that storm inf for life. OH and put my air inf to ground inf in a video:) , and that reset i showed u with iron man, the world aint ready buddy, they just aint ready

AZ- yall know i got mad love for yall already, and sorry to andy who ended up having a shitty weekend and trying to make the best out of it. ur sticks r nice too tho. AND CARLOS I HATE U LIKE I HATE GGXX NEXT TIME IMA GET A PERFECT ON U, BATCHPHACE!!!

Big Dave- u sir r the greatest, u also left ur name tag in my car ggpo buddy, ima hang that shit on my wall phor life

my crew- yall know dipset is the RILLEST, what can say, good shit to potter, tong g is proud. Also thanx to tong g aka DIPSETS Dad cuz he is to real for words, shit he is to real for this life. keeping it real will NEVER go wrong for this man

and i forgot u, dont trip, shot out to u too!!!

Takayuki is a fucken beast and a hella nice guy, we showed em mad love in the BYOC room. and Chikyuu is dope aswell

until then yall ~The Rillest~

Heh, it was 427

ekin sucks, hes mean!
(all because 1st floor wanted a pen)
cole and apoc were real nice, though

team serious is really good for a group of friends, only hope more newer groups of friends get that serious about games

K-Force guys rocked, glad to see a good SNK crew

MrWiz/Inkblot/Ponder are all really nice people, have a lot more respect for them and what they do for the community, and thanks to the potters again for giving a ride from cal poly that one night
the european tekken players were real cool

dr.b had some cool shirts!
buk was cool, I wish I won that shirt!
takayuki is crazy/funny, miu was cool

kofiend for setting up rides from FFA to shilo, and for hosting some good gatherings at his place, and cableguy, who I saw like once but will never forget, heh

theres tons of more people, too, since I bug them all online anyway, theyll know soon enough, theyll know…


'Sup to errrbudy.

NSJ is dope. I met Josh, but he was quiet, but coo. Mike, Ace and Brian are always dope to chill with. =D

HawaiianRyan, almost, man. Almost. Next time, though =]

Phat Toi and his peeps in the parking lot, you guys own. And Phat Toi telling me his combos while walking in the parking lot was dope. His Ironman is the rillest.

eKiN, that guy is too cool. I wanted to bum a cig off him so bad, but I didn’t wanna be an’ ass. =\

AZ was mad cool. Carlos was way too dope to chill with, too.

Matrix was helllllllllla cool. His Cyke is nutty!

Issac, your mad cool. Too bad we didn’t get to do what we had planned. :wink:

Vegita-X’s Rogue is too scarry. =X

Sorry if I forgot anybody <3

just got back

yea there should be a thread dedicated to that one immortal moment in 444… and more props to apoc from roll canceling out of it :lol:

props to everyone that stopped by to play 3rd strike

props to arlieth for showing me wat the best makoto in the US looks like…

props to mopreme for letting me beat him one game

it was fun playing everyone in the cal poly arcade.

720, yi, adolfo, vic, arlieth, pyro, paulee it was fun and educational as always playing you FF guys. look forward to playing you again…

team tosf: you guys are damn good, but for some reason i expected you guys to parry and red parry EVERYTHING but i guess not, bitches. jk. C Royd is mad cool and so is adam b and aneurysm x. Hope to see ya next year too. (ps whens your next video coming out marvin?)

team control: abel, elliot, marvin- always fun playing vs you guys and hanging out. gg.

texas guys: mopreme, hsien, really fun playing ken vs ken. Learned a lot from watching you guys play…

nebraska guys: simon, and others, good shit.

seattle guys: LTB, your ken is just too patient! really learned a lot of lessons in patience playing you. good games.

ryan: cool guy, urien is dope. Charge partition !!!

kofiend: great yang player and hella funny guy. had fun playing in the arcade and in the hotel, hope to see you next year. yang cr. fierce > makoto, thx for the lesson.

raoh, mester, and roushi: coolest japanese players !

lol… just SA2 him when he does that cheesy shit :smiley:

should have asked buddy, the most fun i had at evo was smoking every 20 minutes, gave me a chance to get to know people

mike ross : you missed the trailer for city of villains, it’s okay, i nutted my pants in your honor

Shout out to Brood for letting me, jeff, dennis, dr. b, lax, mittens, manny and joe crash at his place on wednesday… haha everyone crashed in my room at shilo on thursday and when i woke up it looked like I was surrounded by a bunch of dead bodies, like I was in the middle of a crime scene or sum’n.
Props to Mo from Canada for being a coo cat and owning me in 3s
Shout out to all of Team Fresno for doing well this year! and a special shout out to Chris aka Michris Rosschmidt for placing 4th in Marvel, you are a beast!
Props to Marvin Lee aka C-Royd for hustling me in 3s haha, I got you back in cvs2 tho… acting like you don’t know how to play, i wasn’t fooled for a second haha.
CarnEvil for owning me in the Marvel tournament and owning me again during casual in my room… i still can’t beat cable =/
LTB and Takiyuki for coming to our room and owning us in their respective games… thanks for the dollar LTB :smiley:

See you all next year!
A- Kim is a beast.