Shoutout to Mike Ross~

Congrats to him for taking 3rd place at CEO. I really thought Mike beating J. Wong was best THE moment of this tourney.

To those of you that watched the stream…what do you think of Honda vs the twins?

I thought Honda can definitely hold his own against the twins…our normals, neutral jump hp, jump back hp and EX headbutt do well stuffing the twins and their attempts to get in…

Good shit Mike, grats on doing so well! You were so close to getting Arturo too :smiley:

IMO Honda is still incredibly good. Loosing jump MP really sucks but he still has the tools he needs to win against almost everyone.

I missed the J.Wong vs Ross match. Will watch it when it’s up.

As for the Twins, I think he does well against Yang from my experience. Haven’t had success against beating a good Yun yet. Keep getting dominated.

Don’t forget anti-air jab headbutt. I still think that’s Honda’s biggest nerf.

Ross made a comment after that showed up on YT basically saying, this is essentially the first week US players have had with AE. You know on a level where they can they can try shit out in the lab, work on OS’s, etc. So we expect to get better play out the twins eventually which is scary since they already look strong. Nonetheless, happy to see Ross stuck with his main.

Anxious for Evo picks. Henry has already said he’s defecting to Yun. Could be just talk tho. shrug

I actually don’t even mind that one at all, personally. EX Headbutt / butt slam still make Honda’s wakeup game better than most.

It was just so useful. Not spending meter to get a anti-air is always nice.


anyways, mike ross = hope, at least for now.

Mike Ross does it again! This time against Mago!

Congrats Mike, like everyone says, you give all of us hope! Keep up the good work!

Congrats Mike…the boss…The standing chop => Super was sooooo sick…

So Mike…what is your response to Mago’s money match challenge???