Show chang some love!

hey, i’m a chang newbie and i want to get some strats. combos (if he has any), pokes, tactics, anything, put it all here. i’ll get the ball rolling…

his short jump hp is off the chain (no pun intended:D)


heh… mixed signals… lol

Personally I believe a groove is his best groove. I think I read somewhere he had a 10000+ custom, but can’t confirm that… Anyways spinning choi is obviously his best move for him. He has lots of corner setups with it. You can follow it up with jumping RH,, into his spinning ball for LOTS of guard damage, or try to mix his command grab in there. Jumping MP is a GREAT GREAT air to air move, it beats a lot of moves out. Jumping FP is a very good air to air and jump in move. Easy combos could include, c.lp,c.lp,c.lp, spinning ball. Standing FP is a nice poke, and I would abuse use his slide a lot. He has that auto dodge counter thingy, but I haven’t really found any good uses for it, it is kinda of funny the way you use it. Ok Ok, just one more last little trick, more so against P/K Groove but could be used against any groove sometimes… If you knock them down in the corner you can immediately go into his choi spinning tornado super (preferably just use a lvl 1), then as that is going, start using Fierce Spinning ball, does a lot of guard damage…

whos out there

It’s all about P/K. He’ll get his sorry fat ass rushed down too easily in A before he builds enough meter.

At least JD/Parry lessens the pressure.