Show me Everything!


Was hoping you guys could show me your awesome fightsticks. I’m modding some my self and since the post are so old and I’m so new I made a new thread!


Yeah… that’s kinda frowned upon here. Especially when the link right above is a thread that’s always bumped and stickied.
So don’t open new threads for things that already have threads.


Wow really? But the post is like 7 yrs old!


Because people keep posting in it and not making new threads :slight_smile:



consider yourself in a fortunate position

go to the start of that 7 year old thread, and clicnk the link for the original OLDER thread, and work your way through the old one and then the the new 7 year old thread

i do this once ayear at work when bored, you see the evolution of sticks and modding and the trends of the periods change, going from full custom builds to modifying stock sticks, its very cool to see the innovation


Don’t look at the “started by” date, that’s just when the topic was made.

look further right to the “most recent.” You’ll see it was posted in fairly recently.